15 Special And Perfect Gifts For Plant Lovers

15 Special And Perfect Gifts For Plant Lovers

There are many people, many such people who enjoy growing plants and take pleasure in taking care of the greens. These individuals are gifted with the green thumb that not all of us possess. But for someone who knows very little about gardening or plants in general, it might be difficult for them to choose a suitable gift for a proud plant owner. Let’s find out some cool gifts for plant lovers. Also, check out positive energy gifts ideas.

The most straightforward gift idea for plant lovers, that might come to your mind is buying them another plant. But think again because everyone else might be bringing in the same gift for them. We are providing a list of various creative and out-of-the-box gifts for plant lovers that your friend or family member will surely cherish. 

List Of Gifting Ideas For Plant Lovers | Gifts For Plant Lovers:

1. LED Grow light bulb for indoor plants 

led grow lights - gift ideas for plant lovers

A good gift for plants lovers would be to upgrade their usual purple grow lights with LED grow light Bulbs that feature the balanced spectrum of light their plants need but look like an ordinary light bulb.

2. Hand Painted Flower Pots For Plant Lovers

hand painted flower pot

Beautiful plant pots always make a unique gift for plant lovers. So what’s better than a hand-painted flowering pot? Especially if the flowering pot is put together along with a new plant too.

3. Watering Globes – Useful Gifts For Plant Lovers

watering globes

Self-watering globes are best for those who love plants but doesn’t have enough time to water them daily. They are available in different shapes and have various decorative features that look very cute, hanging out in your plants as well as your plants stay wet adequately.

4. Gardening Kit

Gardening kit gift for plant lovers

Gardening kit, especially for the children and beginners, right plant pro, is a fun way to teach them how to grow vegetables. Additionally, these kits come along with other activities too which are quite enjoyable.

5. Plant Pictures And Prints 

plant pictures and prints for plant lovers

The lovely plant pictures, prints and illustrations of pretty plants make the perfect gallery wall for any plant lover. Illustrations of stunning plants by Angela Staehling, the author of Happy Houseplants.

6. Watering Can – Stylish Gifts For Plant Lovers

pretty water cans

As everyone knows, watering cans are very functional, but there’s no reason they can’t be smart and pretty too. A sleeky style version or small, modern watering can with equal parts sculptural object art, both of which are practical are planting must-have.  

7. Plant mister

plant mister

Watering cans, although functional and pretty, are old-fashion. Whereas a glass mister which is pretty new and are undeniably beautiful which will make any plant lover swoon. It is aesthetically appealing earning a spot on the windowsill, and even practical too allowing the users to control how much they hydrate their botanical buds. 

8. Botanical printed clothing/blanket/towel

A plant lover must show-off their love for plants and what better way than botanical printed clothing, towels or blankets. A plant-lover will appreciate items of clothing and blankets with various botanical designs and sayings to show off an snuggle up with their favourite plants. And there is no reason why everything even the towels shouldn’t be on botanical designs.

9. Customized notebook with plant templates and stickers

Help your friends or family keep track of how much their plants have grown or how they feel about their little botanical babies with the sweet customized notebooks with plant templates and stickers. They can keep count of every small change every day made by their plants in their notebooks and recall it.

10. Botanical printed phone case

plant printed phone case

Although you may not be able to get your buds a new and shiny phone, you can inject a little personality and life into your favourite person’s mobile phone device with a botanical printed phone case. A large number of plant lovers are buying phone cases with beautiful pictures so it will definitely make a fantastic gift for your friends or family member.

11. Terrarium Candle

terrarium candle

One of the best gifts you can give to your friend who likes plants and enjoys staying indoors is a scented terrarium candle. These candles are small in size and come in cute containers which are appropriate for keeping on bedside tables, study tables, shelves, etc. Some of the faux plant terrarium candles are made to look like a variety of succulents or even like cactus. The lavender, vanilla and pine-scented terrarium candles are the most popular among buyers. 

12. Plant style enamel pins

plants enamel pins

Enamel pins are some of those retro accessories that are now again back in style. You can easily find enamel pins with plant-based designs, or you can even order for making some personalized pins as well. It is one of the trendiest and very affordable gifting options that are also very rare. Gift some adorable happy plant enamel pins to your friend and watch them flaunt it on their denim jackets or backpacks. 

13. Books on gardening and plant care

books on gardening and plant care

An aspiring gardener certainly might need all the help they can get for growing plants outdoor or indoor. And what better help can be than a good self-help book on planting and taking care of the greens? Many how-to books come with easy instructions, helpful tips and picture assistance for gardening, and these books can be bought online or from a store.   

14. Multi-tiered plant stand

tiered plant stand gifts for plant lovers

Do you know which gift an indoor plant enthusiast will greatly appreciate? It is a multi-tiered plant stand because they always lack sufficient surface for placing their beloved plants. A solid empty wood stand will give them another space for growing their new green friends. 

15. Small geo wall display set

plant shelf

Need a gift suggestion for a plant lover who has filled almost every area in their apartment with their indoor plant collection? Then the sleek designed minimalist wall mounted planters might be the best gift option for them. The small geo wall display set not only saves space but also looks very stylish with the different types of metal frame and ceramic. The variations in which they are commonly available are- white ceramic with a brass wire frame, black ceramic with the brass wireframe, and concrete vase with the copper wireframe. 

Some More Useful Gifting Options For Plant Lovers

  • Terracotta Pots: All plant owners need a container for their green friend to grow and what can be better than one or a few beautiful terracotta pots. You can also paint these pots or attach small mirror pieces on them and give a personal touch to the gift.  
  • DIY Customizable Garden Markers: We all know that garden markers are very useful as some of them come in handy for letting others know the kind of plant growing there or some help in scaring off insects or birds that might harm the plant. And guess what you can make these garden markers at home and gift them to a plant lover. 
  • Forged Steel Pruners, Trowel, And Garden Fork Set: All plant owners need a good pair of pruners or trimmers, trowel, and garden fork. Gift these useful tools on the next occasion and help out a fellow green parent to create a beautiful backyard. 


We have provided some of the best gifts for plant lovers. And if you are a plant lover yourself and enjoy growing greens then why not treat yourself to such amazing things the next time you shop. I hope this article was helpful.

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