Positive Energy Gifts Ideas – Best Gifts According To Vastu

Positive Energy Gifts Ideas – Best Gifts According To Vastu

Our cultural legacy is knit with traditions, and each season is associated with a particular festival. Ahead is the chain of festivals which extend from October to March, among which Deepawali – the festival of lights symbolizes the victory of truth over evil and love over hate. On this occasion, gifts are exchanged across the nation. Let’s get into positive energy gifts ideas for every occasion, the best gifts according to vastu. Also, check out gifts for plant lovers.

According to a Chinese art named Feng Shui, the exchange of gifts is transmitting vibrations. Hence, gifts must be exchanged with the utmost enthusiasm and appreciation. But usually, gifts that are exchanged under compulsion or pressure are called ‘blank gifts’ as they do not carry any positivity. But according to Vastu Shastra, the following list of gifts usher positivity.

Positive Energy Gifts Ideas

Shiny Glass Gifts:

A variety of showpieces made of glass spreads positivity, according to Vedic Vastu science. Being transparent and shiny makes these glass gifts a good option. While these gifts will brighten students’ career prospects, glass gifts in pink bring good luck to newlywed couples.

Artistic crockery items can also be gifted as they can be used in everyday life and last long.

Sacred and Eco-Friendly Gifts:

Artistic and colorful diyas used in festivals are a symbol of sharing joy with others. It is considered sacred because the diyas are made of clay or mud, eco-friendly, and associated with religious celebrations.

Other artifacts made of clay-like pretty hangings, door-ties (Bandanwar), and showpieces can also be an excellent choice of gifts for Deepawali.

Religious Items:

The original and replica of Mangal Kalash (the religious pot), symbols of Swastik, idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi, stickers of religious signs, an electric sound machine with religious mantras, and aarthi are auspicious gifts for those who recently stepped into their new dream home.

These items are also ideal for elders and religious gurus.

While multicolored and aromatic candles are perfect gifts for Deepawali, showpieces and coins made of gold or silver are also in vogue these days and signify prosperity.

Gifts That Boost Health:

A healthy gift to elders or friends ensures their well-being and signifies your care for them.

Usually, various types of nuts are gifted to improve the health of dear ones. Naturally processed green tea/coffee, cookies or chocolate can also be a great choice for any festive occasion.

But gifts that include wine or cigarettes should never be gifted on Diwali.

Clocks Metals And Pens:

According to Vastu, clocks are ideal gifts as they represent movement, the future, punctuality, and perfection. Similarly, the pendulum-type wall clock that chimes every hour is considered an auspicious gift in Feng Shui. When utensils are gifted to employees, servants, helpers, and juniors on Diwali, they undoubtedly bring good luck, especially on Dhanteras. Also, gifts that include a set of pens never fail to win students’ hearts and those in the field of academics.

Children’s Gifts:

Gifts like toys, fruits, natural juices, storybooks, crayons, and dresses are excellent to please children. You can watch the broad smile on the face of a child you have just gifted any of the above gifts. Furthermore, spending some time with children on such occasions will undoubtedly make the elders joyous and more childlike.

Gifts That Ward off Negative Energy:

According to Feng Shui, wind chimes, laughing Buddha, love-knot, heart-shaped rose quartz, and golden or silver showpieces are regarded as the best gifts on all occasions. To gift a beautiful golden ingot bowl is highly recommended in Vastu. Gifts that include a pair of mandarin ducks, a fish aquarium, a water fountain, or bamboo shoots also promote positivity.

Never Gift These Items:

According to Vastu, gifts like pins, blades, knives, or scissors are not recommended. Gifts that include healthy sweets, fruits, and natural juices are considered good on Diwali. Also, make sure the gifts have not expired, chipped-off, faded, rusted, or decayed. Edible oils, hair oil, or other similar things denote negative planets; hence these should not be gifted.

Also, never gift objects like a sword, cannon, gun, or pistols related to cruelty, inhumanity, enmity, or anger. Showpieces prepared from body parts of animals are believed to bring ill luck on such religious occasions. The showpieces and other red, yellow, golden, and silver colors are considered the most auspicious gifts as per Vastu. Gifts that include objects and showpieces in dark black color must be avoided at the festival of Deepawali.

Identify the financially deprived class of society or the needy people and buy something useful to please them. Sharing the joy, charm, and excitement of the festival with all classes of society will bring you true happiness, as it is an invaluable deed of humanity.

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