Home Remedies For Thick Eyelashes And Eyebrows | Home Remedies For Eyebrow And Eyelash Growth

Home Remedies For Thick Eyelashes And Eyebrows

Home Remedies For Eyebrow And Eyelash Growth

Long lashes and fuller eyebrows never go out of style. Voluminous lashes and thick brows are always considered eye candy. Lashes and eyebrows are also one of the most striking features visible on our faces. Well-defined eyebrows (how to thread eyebrows) and lashes can always be a game-changer for looks thus, it is very essential to maintain them properly. Here are home remedies for thick eyelashes and eyebrows.

Reasons Why Lashes & Eyebrows Fall Out:

As essential as it is to maintain them, there are several triggering factors that lead to their fallout.

  1. Eyelash extensions
  2. Stress
  3. Reaction to chemical-based products
  4. Nutritional deficiencies
  5. Menopause
  6. Hormonal imbalances
  7. Mishandling your eyelashes & brows
  8. Over-reactive immune system
  9. Age

Thinning of lashes and eyebrows can be controlled with slight changes in the lifestyle and the adoption of effective natural fixes.

Home Remedies For Eyebrow And Eyelash Growth:

Here are some working home remedies for eyebrow and eyelash growth:

1. A Blend Of Coconut, Almond & Olive Oil:

There isn’t any household that doesn’t have these three oils so, why not use them as a remedy for diminishing lashes and brows. All of these oils are packed with minerals and proteins that leave effects on your eyelashes and brows. The existing potent properties present in the amalgamation of these three oils boost hair growth and avert fallout with its rich protein content. 

  • Combine the oils together in a bowl and generously apply the mixture to eyelashes and eyebrows
  • Let the mixture stay overnight or for at least 3hours and then wash it off.

2. Castor Oil:

There is nothing that works as effectively as Castor Oil for the regrowth of eyelashes and eyebrows. The existence of natural fatty acids, proteins, antioxidants, and Ricinoleic Acid in the oil aids the lashes by nurturing them and assisting them in growing longer and thicker. The castor oil also boosts the health of hair follicles, which strengthens them from the roots and averts them from falling. Before applying any castor oil, always ensure that it is cold-pressed.

  • Apply the Castor Oil to your eyelashes
  • Then take a cotton ball and apply the same on your lower and upper lash lines
  • Repeat this at least once a day and you will soon experience visible results in your eyelashes and eyebrows

3. Aloe Vera Gel:

Aloe Vera helps in promoting hair growth due to the presence of Aloenin. The Aloenin helps in preventing hair breakage and encourages growth in eyelashes and eyebrow hair. It contributes to ensuring that your hair follicles are healthy and strong.

  • Scrape out fresh Aloe Vera Gel from the leaf
  • Massage the gel onto the eyebrows and apply some on the lash lines

4. Milk:

Milk contains vital vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that work as a natural stimulant for the growth of voluminous eyebrows and lashes. These essential vitamins and minerals are very beneficial as they easily get absorbed and penetrate into the cuticles for healthy hair growth.

  • Dap a cotton ball into milk and massage it onto your eyebrows and eyelashes
  • Let it stay for a while and wash it off with water after 5 minutes

So, don’t wait any longer to lengthen your lashes and make your eyebrows fuller, by using these home remedies!

What is the most effective eyelash growth serum?

Latisse is the only FDA-approved eyelash growth serum on the market, making it the best prescription-strength eyelash growth serum available. It’s a prescription drug so you’ll need to see your doctor to get ahold of it.

What home remedies make your eyelashes grow?

Castor oil: Apply a small amount of castor oil on the eyelashes each night before bed and wash it off in the morning. Aloe vera: Apply a small amount of aloe vera gel on the eyelashes before bed and wash it off in the morning. Eyelid massage: Gently massage eyelids along the lash line.

Does eyebrow growth serum really work?

Yes. Most eyebrow serums have ingredients that are good for brows. Some effective ingredients include vitamins like biotin that promotes hair growth, peptides that promote healthy hair follicles, and amino acids that are protein building blocks that hair is made of.

Does Vaseline help eyelashes grow?

Vaseline is an occlusive moisturizer that can be used effectively on dry skin and eyelashes. It can’t make eyelashes grow faster or longer, but it can moisturize them, making them look fuller and lusher. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, don’t use Vaseline or petroleum jelly on your face.

Does coconut oil grow eyelashes?

Coconut oil does not help your eyelashes grow longer; instead, it enables them to grow to their full length and thickness. Coconut oil will not increase the rate your eyelashes grow, but it will prevent them from falling out as frequently. Coconut oil helps fight bacteria that can also lead to hair loss.

How can I grow my eyelashes naturally in 3 days?

Lemon Peels Soaked In Olive

Cut one lemon into small pieces and soak it in ¼ cup of olive oil and leave the solution for 2-3 days. Apply this oil before you go to bed at night and wash it early in the morning for fuller and longer lashes.

Can you stimulate eyebrow growth?

Applying an oil daily to your sparse or thin eyebrows can really help boost eyebrow growth. … 1 staple for eyebrow regrowth, is rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, which are known to encourage hair growth and repair damaged hair follicles.

How can I grow my eyebrows in 3 days at home?

Onion juice: Onion juice contains sulfur, which helps in the faster and denser growth of hair. Grind an onion and massage its juice into the eyebrows. Leave it on until it dries and then wash it off. Coconut oil: Coconut oil is known for its hair-boosting properties and so, can be used to improve eyebrow hair growth.

What stimulates eyebrow growth?

The hair of the eyebrows is made up of keratin protein, and an egg is a great source of protein. Keratin is a major ingredient in most hair growth supplements. Egg yolks are also a rich source of biotin, which helps your brows grow. You will get a faster growth rate if you use this treatment twice a week.

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