How Many Yards is 50 Grams of Yarn? – How many yards in 100 grams of yarn?

How Many Yards is 50 Grams of Yarn? – How many yards in 100 grams of yarn?

When following a knitting or crochet pattern, you may need to know how many yards of yarn you have and how much more you need. In this case, the label on each skein should state how many grams/ounces your particular ball of yarn weighs before it’s been knitted into something – from there we can estimate! So, how Many Yards is 50 Grams of Yarn or how many yards in 50 grams of yarn, how many yards in 100 grams of yarn is important to know before you start crocheting. Check out what crochet stitch uses the least yarn and more crocheting tips and tricks.

What Does 50g Mean in Yarn?

Yarn can measure 50g; this term is equivalent to 1.76 ounces of yarn, which means that if you have 2 x 50-gram balls it would be the same as a 100 gram ball of yarn.

How Many Yards is 50 Grams of Yarn?

There is no way to convert grams into yards that will be 100% accurate. Each yarn weight has different yardage for 50 g; a fingering-weight yarn would have totally different yardage than the worsted weight. We can give you an approximate estimate though: check our conversion chart below!

Yarn Weight
Yards in 50 grams
Lace 200
Super Fine 185
Fine 175
Light 150
Medium 120
Bulky 80

It isn’t easy to estimate how many yards 50 grams of yarn will be, depending on the thickness. In general, though, you can expect about 80-200 yards per 50g, with thicker being more likely around 100 and thin at 200.

How to estimate the number of yarn balls to buy?

HOW MUCH yarn do i need

Do you like to stroll in the woolen shops? Just for your viewing pleasure? To find out what’s new? Appreciate their softness? And you regularly fall for this yarn that is too beautiful, too soft, too.

But now, you don’t yet know what you will do with it, so you don’t know how many balls you should buy. If you buy in a store, the manager knows their sons and can advise you. On the other hand, at knitters’ flea markets, in destocking shops, or even in supermarkets, there is not necessarily a saleswoman available and qualified to advise you.

Except that you really like this wool and that you absolutely do not plan to come out again without having bought it, so what should you do?​

With this calculation, you can estimate the number of balls to buy:

You will have to estimate the width of your knitting piece and its height. Take the example of a sweater with a width of 55 cm and a height of 60 cm. 

  1. multiply the width by 3: 55 X 3 = 165 cm
  2. then, multiply this figure by the number of rows necessary for 10 cm (indicated on the strip of the ball), here (on the photo) it is indicated 36 rows:165 X 36 = 5940 cm
  3. multiply by the height of your room divided by 10 so by 6 for the example of our sweater 5940 X 6 = 35640 cm
  4. We multiply this number by 2 because a sweater necessarily has a front and a back: 35 640 X 2 = 71 280 cm
  5. We repeat the same calculation for the sleeves: width 40 cm and height 55 cm ; 40 X 3 = 120 cm >>>>> 120 X 36 = 4320 cm >>>>> 4320 X 5.5 = 23760 cm >>>>> 23760 X 2 = 47520 cm
  6. Add the 2 results: 71,280 cm + 47,520 cm = 118,800 cm or 1188 meters.

Take the strip of your ball and look at the measurement in relation to the weight. For example, 130 meters for 50 gr: you divide 1188 meters by 130, which gives you: 9.14. You will therefore have to buy 10 balls.

Last detail: this calculation applies to a jersey sweater. For garter stitch or moss stitch, it takes 20% more (so 12 balls for our example), and if you consider twists, this can go up to 50% depending on the complexity of the model.

How many grams of yarn is a yard?

How much yarn does your pattern call for? Lace 500–1000 yards per 100 grams DK 190–300 yards per 100 grams Worsted 190–240 yards per 100 grams Aran 140–190 yards per 100 grams Bulky 100–140 yards per 100 grams

How do you convert yarn weight to yardage?

How to Calculate Yarn Yardage by Weight Take the original number of yards and multiply by the remaining ounces. Take that number and divide by the total ounces of an unused skein of this same yarn. Answer = 152.66 yards! Woohoo!

What does 100g of yarn mean?

metres (or yards) per skein / grams per skein x grams needed 280 metres / 115g x 100g = 243 metres in 100g. We are wanting something close to the yardage of the yarn listed in the pattern: 227 metres in 100g.

How many yards of yarn do I need calculator?

Formula: (length x width x gauge) / 6 = yards needed. Length and width are in inches and gauge is in stitches per inch. For example, if you’d like a scarf 48″ long and 8″ wide using a worsted weight yarn, (48 x 8 x 5) / 6 = 320 yards. Round up as running out of yarn is the worst!

How long is 100g yarn?

600-1000m per 100g = Lace (600m being a ‘heavy’ laceweight) 375-550m per 100g = Fingering (550 being ‘light’ fingering)

What does grams mean in yarn?

Yarn weight is an old term and it meant the weight of a single yard (or meter) of that particular yarn. In our example here a single yard of that thick, puffy yarn will weigh 0.87 grams. A single yard of the sock yarn will weigh 0.25 grams. Don’t worry about figuring that out.

How many yards are in a ball of yarn?

Look at the yarn label to see how many yards are in 1 ball. In this example, we’ll say that each ball has 200 yards. Take the total number of yards you’ll need (1350) and divide that by the number of yards in each ball (200). 1350/200 = 6.75 balls.

What can I crochet with 400 yards of yarn?

However, there are plenty of accessories you can knit in this yardage and weight.

  • Primavera Wrap.
  • Moonstone Beginner Vest Pattern.
  • Easy Baby Cardigan.
  • Morning Star Knit Baby Blanket.
  • Loop Scarf.
  • Fluffy Brioche Hat.

What can I crochet with 200 yards of yarn?

These are some great ideas for 200 yards of fingering weight yarn.

  • Magic Geranium Slippers.
  • Pink Cable Braid Headband.
  • Izmir Hat.
  • Swan’s Head Mitts.
  • Rainbow Striped Knit Slipper Pattern.
  • Petite Cabled Skirt and Headband.

How do you weigh yarn?

To estimate Yards or Metres Weigh your yarn. Call this number A. Divide number of yards or metres in a full skein by the weight of a full skein in grams. (You may need to convert from ounces if your label only includes ounces.) … Multiply A by B to get the approximate number of yards or metres in your ball.

How much yarn do I need to knit a blanket?

“The amount of yarn you need really depends on your project and how thick your yarn is. For example, a good size blanket takes about 225 yards of yarn,” Weil says. “If you are making that with four strands of super bulky yarn, you would need 900 yards total.

How is yarn length measured?

Hold your skein stretched out between your hands (but not too tightly), and hold a tape measure along that length. That gives you the length of half your skein. Take the number of strands, multiply it by 2, and multiply it by the measurement from your tape measure.

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