How to Dress a Soft Natural Kibbe Body Type

How to Dress a Soft Natural Kibbe Body Type

If your skeleton or bone structure is soft Yang (mainly replies B) and your body flesh and facial features are soft Yang with Yin influence, you’re a Soft Natural (answers B with D and E). This post can assist you if you believe that Soft Natural is one of your options. Here is an article showing how to dress a soft natural kibbe body type.

How to Dress a Soft Natural Kibbe Body Type

What characterises a soft natural kibbe body?

  • Body type is somewhat soft, with a proclivity for fleshiness. In comparison to the breast and hips, the waist is somewhat smaller.
  • Slightly curved, with a little hourglass form, but not too so. Upper arms and thighs are little plump.
  • Bone structure is slightly angular. Shoulders that are slightly square or wide. Legs that are somewhat to slightly shorter (slightly leggy look also possible).
  • Face features that are slightly blunt or tiny and uneven (nose, cheekbones, and jawline).
  • Hands and feet are plump and moderately sized, or tiny and broad.
  • Full and rounded facial features.
  • Eyes that are round, lips that are large, and cheeks that are delicate.
  • Small and broad noses, as well as somewhat uneven noses, are common (blunt or wide).

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How to dress a Soft Natural body type?

Your aim while dressing as a Soft Natural is to maintain your unique Yin-Yang balance, which is soft Yang with a Yin undercurrent. If this seems perplexing, the suggestions below should help you get started.

These suggestions will serve as examples, but you can bend or break them as long as the Yin-Yang balance of a Soft Natural is respected (soft Yang or Natural with Yin or Romantic undercurrent).

  1. The Soft Natural Kibbe body type is long and wide, with blunt edges, similar to the Pure Natural form, but with a little more softness and roundness (yin influence).
  2. To re-create your natural lines, use unconstructed styles with shaping, especially at the waist, to give you a softer look.
  3. Lines that are relaxed and have a little drape and flow are pleasing.
  4. Adding asymmetrical components and loose detail to your ensembles can also help you achieve an unconstructed aesthetic.
  5. Relaxed geometrics with rounded edges and simple swirls are ideal.
  6. Choose draping fabrics and natural materials like linen, wool, cotton, and silk.
  7. Create gentle colour choices to keep your clothing comfortable and unconstructed.

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Tips to follow while picking outfits and accessories for a soft natural figure:

  • First, honour your Natural side, then your Romantic side.
  • Your Yin undercurrent may soften your shoulders significantly, but it’s critical that the clothing you choose always accommodate the undeniable breadth of your shoulders.
  • Pay close attention to your outfit’s edges, such as the shoulders, collar, waist, and hemline. To honour your gentle Yang, keep your shoulders prominent and wide while keeping their edges smooth and rounded.
  • Because you have a Yin undercurrent, you must always guarantee that waist definition is part of the equation.
  • Look for broad or flared skirts with delicate contours that are flat at the hips.
  • Softly rounded forms that are abstract and flowing are the perfect prints for a Soft Natural.

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