How to get gum out of hair?

How to get gum out of hair?

Is it fun to blow and pop gum? Did the chewing gum get stuck in your hair? You’ve probably dreamed of pulling your beautiful locks out to remove the chewing gum. An undue haircut can be avoided. You don’t have to cut your hair to remove the gum stuck in your hair. First, don’t panic and pull at your hair to remove the gum with your fingers. You could further stretch your gum and make things worse. Continue reading to find out how to remove gum from hair without cutting it.

How to Remove Gum from Your Hair

First, don’t panic. You can make an appointment immediately with your hairdresser. Sometimes the gum you chew could stick to your eyebrows or eyelashes. It’s not difficult to get rid of gum from these areas, but some effective home remedies are available. Here are some easy solutions:

1. Use cooking oils

The American Academy of Dermatology states that vegetable oils are the best way to get rid of gum from your eyelashes or eyebrows. Vegetable oils like olive oil and coconut oil are also available.

  • You can identify the exact location of the gum in your hair and then apply vegetable oil to it using your fingers.
  • Let the vegetable oil do its thing for a while.
  • You can easily remove gum from your eyebrows, hair and eyelashes in a matter of minutes.

2. Ice

You can remove gum from your hair by using ice, which you have in your fridge. Oils make gum less sticky but ice packs can help with this.

  • Make an ice pack at your home and place it on the gum.
  • It is easy to remove once it has hardened and frozen.
  • Keep in mind that vegetable oil is the best option for larger pieces of gum stuck to your hair. Only use an icepack to remove gum from a small area.

3. Vinegar

Research on the breakdown of polymers shows that chemicals such as vinegar, water and glycerine are the most effective at breaking down the chemical bonds in chewing gum. (2)

  • Use vinegar to remove gum from your hair.
  • Allow the vinegar to loosen the gum in your hair for a few moments.
  • To gently remove the gum, use a wide-toothed comb.
  • Wait just enough time for the vinegar to soften the sticky gum. Next, use a comb or a brush to remove the gum.

4. Peanut butter

Peanut butter is a delicious condiment that has many lesser-known benefits. Peanut butter contains all the oils necessary to work their magic and remove any gum stuck to your hair. You don’t have to be concerned if your child chews gum gets in their hair. Follow these steps from dermatologists.

  • A jar of creamy peanut butter or vegetable oil such as olive oil is good.
  • Use your fingers, a toothbrush, or a brush to cover the gum with peanut butter. Peanut butter makes the chewing gum base more rigid and less sticky.
  • Allow the product to activate for a few moments.
  • Take out the gum. You can remove the gum from your eyebrows and eyelashes by using vegetable oil.
  • So that your child doesn’t smell like lunch, wash their hair as usual.

5. Toothpaste

Most people are familiar with toothpaste’s amazing benefits for keeping your gums healthy and white. You may also find them a home remedy to remove gum stuck in your hair.

  • Apply toothpaste to a cotton ball. Then, use the toothpaste to cover any gum in your hair.
  • This can be done with an old toothbrush.
  • Allow the toothpaste to harden the gum for a while.
  • Next, use a chair brush with a wide tooth to remove any gum stuck in your hair.

6. Mayonnaise

Yes, this can be messy and greasy. If mayonnaise is all you have in your fridge, don’t worry. It will do the job and make it easier to get rid of gum.

  • Apply mayonnaise to your hair using your fingers.
  • Mayonnaise can be packed with the right oils, such as olive oil. This makes the gum less sticky.
  • After applying mayonnaise to the affected area, wait before gently removing it.
  • As a rule of thumb, if you use mayonnaise to remove hair gum, remember to wash your hair immediately.

7. Vaseline

Vaseline is a widely-used product and is an integral part of many travel kits. Vaseline can also be used to remove gum from hair. Vaseline, which is basically petroleum jelly, is a mixture of natural waxes and mineral oils.

  • Apply petroleum jelly to a cotton ball.
  • Let the gum sit for a while before gently removing it.

Things to not do when you have gum in your hair

Do not tug on the gum stuck to your hair with your hands. This could cause the problem to get worse.

You must ensure that the gum does not spread or get stuck further in your hair. To do this, gently remove the affected hair strands.

Be gentle when removing gum. Always wash your hair after you have used any remedies like peanut butter, vegetable oils, or other ingredients to remove gum. These foods can make your hair smell awful!

Vegetable oils and butters are the best home remedies for removing gum stuck to your hair. Do not panic if the gum is stuck to your hair, eyebrows, or eyelashes. After applying the home remedies, be gentle when removing gum from your hair. Don’t forget to wash your hair afterward.

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