How To Trim Sideburns With Beard

How do you trim sideburns with a beard trimmer?

Hold the trimmer in a vertical position facing you, and trim the sideburns in a downward motion. Comb the sideburns forward and trim off any hairs that extend beyond the natural hairline. Comb the sideburns back and trim off any hairs that extend beyond the natural hairline. Trim the bottom edge parallel to the floor.


How to trim sideburns with scissors

When compared to using your trusty electric trimmer, trimming your beard with scissors may seem a little difficult. However, if your trimmer breaks down or you’re short on time and need a fast touch-up, an essential pair of shears is your best solution. Furthermore, scissors offer your beard a natural appearance, as if you awoke with a beautiful beard rather than spending hours grooming it.

1. Gather Your Tools

You’ll need the gear to try a beard fade, which includes a beard trimmer with adjustable length combs. In this situation, length guards are your greatest friend, and before you start cutting, put them down in number order on your sink or counter so you can identify the proper length as you go. Aside from the clipper, you’ll probably want to have a beard comb on hand to keep things tidy.

Gather Your Tools

2. Clean Up First

It would help to create a baseline before attempting to fade a beard. If you don’t have one, start by giving your beard a nice wash and then detangling it using a beard comb. If you use the comb to go up, you’ll be pulling the hair out rather than laying it down, which will make it difficult to pass the clipper through. Trim the whole beard with your clipper to the desired overall length.

Clean Up First

3. Line It Up

After you’ve trimmed your beard to a uniform length, define your lines, particularly the neck and cheek lines. Pull your head back and start trimming from the center of your neck, just above Adam’s apple, with the trimmer inverted (pointing down). Shave anything below the line that connects the middle of your neck to your ears on either side using the clipper. Follow your natural cheek line all the way up to your sideburns, using the corners of your lips as a guideline.

Line It Up

4. Get Ready To Fade Your Beard

You’re ready to fade now that your beard is trimmed and your lines are tight. This is where the rest of the guards enter. The golden rule is to start high and fade low (as in guard numbers). When it comes to fading beards, the most common mistake we see men make is first starting with the lowest guard. After that, when they try to integrate, they keep going lower and lower. This is how you should go about it.

Get Ready To Fade Your Beard

5. Maintain Your Fade

The last aspect of beard fading is maintaining its freshness. Bear in mind that facial hair grows quicker than the hair on your head, so although your haircut may only require trimming every month or so, your beard will necessitate more maintenance. You’ll lose track of where you started if you continue any longer.

How long should sideburns be with beard?

As a general rule, they shouldn’t extend much further than the midpoint of your ear. Longer sideburns—that extend to the bottom of the ear—can help offset a long face or chin and they’ll also help a round face look less so. Shorter sideburns that hit mid-ear look good if you have a weak chin or an oval face.

How do you make your sideburns connected to your beard?

Brush your sideburns and mustache toward your beard to connect them. If you have curly or wavy hair, there might be noticeable gaps where the beard doesn’t connect with your sideburns or mustache. Try styling it to cover those gaps. Brush your sideburns and mustache down, towards the beard.

Should I trim sideburns with beard?

Should you trim sideburns when growing out beard?

The answer is not one-size-fits-all. But—and this is crucial—the only place you should be trimming is around the cheeks and sideburns. So if your face is starting to look artificially round, go in with a trimmer.

How should sideburns look with beard?

Ideally, you should line up your sideburns with the middle of the ear. To keep your sideburns short and sharp, never cut higher than the top of your ear to avoid a weird finish. If you’re clean-shaven, have a stubble beard, or keep your facial hair short, a short tapered sideburn style is perfect for you.

How high should sideburns be cut?

Sideburns should end where they are fullest. Anywhere between the mid-ear or a little bit higher. The key is to do the “Frankenstein Test” to make certain the sideburns are level with one other. Looking at a mirror using two pointing fingers from each hand and matching them up to make sure they are the same level.

Do sideburns make face look thinner?

However, depending on the width and the style of the sideburns, these lengths can also narrow the face at its widest point. Longer, thicker burns can offset the narrowest part of this face by adding width at the bottom, but they can also draw the eye to the narrow jawline.

Where do sideburns end and beard begin?

That perfect length can be found by using the following method: Take a look at the inside of your ear- it has a little circular notch at the bottom. The bottom of that notch is where your sideburn should end. That is where you bring the edge of your razor to when you are shaving.

How do you trim a beard that doesn’t connect?

What To Do If Your Beard Doesn’t Connect

  • Give Your Beard More Time. The simplest solution may be to give your beard more time to grow.
  • Get A Skin Fade In Your Hair And Beard.
  • Shave Your Beard Into A Point.
  • Go For A Different Beard Style.
  • Grow You Hair Long Enough To Cover The Gap.

Where should I line up my beard?

Where to Trim Your Beard Neckline Envision a curved line between both ears (points A and B), connected by another point (C) above the Adam’s apple. To locate the proper midpoint (C), place two fingers above your Adam’s apple (roughly 1.5 inches). Go one or two settings shorter on the clippers.

What is tapered beard?

When a beard is tapered, it means that it has been trimmed in such a way that length and thickness are achieved at the jawline. The hair at the sideburns will be shorter than the rest of your face. The beard then grows longer gradually as it progresses down the cheeks.

How do you cut sideburns with long hair and beard?

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