Blouse Back Neck Designs (Different types of blouse back neck designs latest)

Blouse Back Neck Designs (Different types of blouse back neck designs latest)

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While the old-school designs always focused on the front neck designs, the modern blouses emphasize more on the back necks. The back is the most visible part of the blouse and is the ideal spot for playing around with designs. From ornate embroideries to delicate lace patches, this article showcases some of the different types of blouse back neck designs for you to take cues from! Check out some more from my designs of blouse back neck designs such as crepe blouse design, full sleeve saree blouse design, knot saree blouse style. Also, check out more varied high neck blouse designs.

Different types of blouse back neck designs latest

Here are the latest trending Blouse Back Neck designs with images, that will help you look your very best. Before we deep dive into it, here is a snapshot of basic back neck designs. You could blend these with the designs we are going to discuss in a bit, and create something on your own. How exciting is that?!

1. Knotted back style blouse

blouse back neck design with knot

Want to attend a classy party flaunting with traditional clothing, what else can be a great option other than a saree with a classic yet sober blouse design. This blouse design with a sleek knotted back style complements your partywear with a sober color being an additional point about this blouse. 

2. Boat neck blouse with kalamkari and zari works in the back.


Want to attend a formal function with a great sense of traditional saree and not want to be flashy with blouse back neck designs? One must go for this blouse with a kalamkari and zari work in the back with a boatneck, giving the blouse an exquisite yet formal look.

3. Pot neck back design with an embroidery patch:

blouse back neck design

For attending the pre functions of a wedding, this great pot neck blouse back neck designs with an elegant yellow color complementing the saree will be a great choice to go for. The floral embroidery patch in the back of the blouse will complete the look if someone wears it with an embroidery saree.

4. Bollywood style deep V neck


A gorgeous, designed party wear blouse back neck designs complementing your saree look. It is a Bollywood style blouse back neck designs with a deep V neck and a patch of designed beads. This blouse will highly complete someone if they want to set forth their great body features. 

5. Deep V back blouse with flared sleeve:

Crepe Blouse Design - Deep 'V' Neck on the back - Blouse Back Side Design
crepe blouse design

Excellent blouse design with a sober color will complete a summer look. The flared sleeves give the blouse back neck designs a casual yet classy look, which as well complements the saree. If you are going for casual outings, lunch plans, this blouse design with a saree will be great to go choice.

6. Buttoned Back design:


This type of blouse design is an excellent party wear, which can be a daylight party as well. Irrespective of the age, this sober yet gorgeous blouse design with a lemon-yellow color buttoned back, which is not so flashy as well as gives you a great look complementing your saree. 

7. Shear back knotted blouse

blouse back neck design

Want to give yourself a standout look, with a shear back-knotted blouse, a tremendous sober color complements the saree you can wear in any parties. The all overwork of beads on the blouse makes it classier and more gorgeous to go with the party environment perfectly.

8. Bend V Blouse


This is a great blouse back neck designs that will complement your lehenga or a saree, which you can wear in any festivity type of occasion. If you want everybody to complete your look in the Dandia festival or a sangeet occasion, this is a great look for that.

9. Backside blouse design in blue

blouse beck neck designs with tassels

An eye-catching blue blouse back neck designs with geometric cuts, which will complement the look, if you wear it with a lehenga or a sharara suit and a saree. It gives a formal as well as a very sleek look. This blouse can be an excellent choice for pre-wedding functions.

10. Cotton high neck blouse with embroidery design

embroidered blouse neck design

A formal puja function in your house or anywhere, and you need a blouse design to go with the saree; this will be a great choice. Irrespective of age, anybody can get a complement for this look. The high neck with a simple embroidery work for an afternoon function is simply a perfect look.

11. Back Floral design blouse

saree blouse design - blouse back side neck
saree blouse design

Beautiful back design with floral embroidery work all over the blouse is an excellent look for any festivity or function. The edgy look of the blouse topped by its elegant material will give you a spectacular look that is likely to gain lots of attention.

12. Inverted V blouse back neck designs


Invited to a brunch party, and you want to give your look a bit edgy yet classy. Blouse back neck designs will be a great option, with a pair of jhumkas, a side bun, and a fabulous saree. The inverted V blouse back gives it an edgy look with a touch of formal. 

13. Asymmetric back blouse


This asymmetrically blouse back neck designs in the back will catch much attention of the crowd as it is an unusual design for the blouse with eye-catching color. For a pre-wedding function or a festivity occasion, for showcasing your creativity, go for this look.

14. Cross stringed back blouse

checks pattern blouse back

For a casual outing, this look will complement surely. A sober colored blouse and cross-stringed back design give the blouse a tremendously casual yet stylish look. Women of any age can slay this look while having a casual outing. 

15. Deep neck cotton blouse with a faux knot tying back

saree blouse style

A vast summer collection, with not so flashy colors yet an edgy back design look with a knot, completes the look. Going out with your friends, a summer outing, a simple get together; this saree look is a must kept wardrobe item. A long-sleeved deep blouse back neck designs with a saree is a great look.

16. Embroidery window style back blouse

blouse back neck design

Get the guests awestruck with this stunning embroidered V neck blouse and make your festive season turn out into a striking hit. The beautifully laid embroidery will offer a dynamic look and is just as eye-catching from even a distance. This floral blouse can be paired with pastel color sarees to attain an incredible look. 

17. Geometric cut out simple blouse back neck designs

loop blouse back neck design

An excellent reception party look or a Diwali party get together, this is an elegant traditional design of the blouse to go with the saree. Gorgeous works all over the blouse complement its beauty and the one who is wearing it. 

18. Benarasi deep back blouse with Doris


Benarasi blouses are meant to be worn at the wedding functions. This is a gorgeous look that will complement a simple- sober saree as the blouse itself will be impressive. The Doris in the back is a very complementing and edgy look with a modern twist.

19. Blouse back pattern with pot-shaped cutout and Dori

tassel blouse back neck design

An excellent blouse design for a Navaratri evening or any festival evening which complement the whole look. Expressing your soberness and beauty through your fashion statement is one of the best ways to portray your personality. 

20. V back blouse with a bow

chic style blouse back neck design

A sober look yet with a stylish touch, this is an excellent designer blouse for evening events may be at the workplace, or family gets together. Any age of women can pull off this look. The bow at the back is simply an excellent finishing design.

21. Cotton V back blouse

v neck blouse back

Want to give yourself a great Asthami Anjali look or a Dashami morning look, this will be an excellent blouse design to go for. A sober and straightforward saree with this cotton V neck blouse makes you different from others.

22. Deep V cross back cotton blouse

sleeve pattern

An edgy blouse design to go with a kalamkari saree is what this look is all about. A traditional twist with a modern touch for the summer look and casual outings is what this blouse design is. A simple neutral look maybe with some kajal and some bindi will complete this look.

23. Silk blouse back neck designs with cross stringed Dori blouse

pattu blouse

This eye-striking work of art on this silk blouse back neck designs with cross stringed Dori offers you with a royal and elegant look that can be paired with a dazzling set of jewelry. Stand out from the rest by wrapping yourself in a gorgeous Saree.

24. Triangular cut blouse back neck designs

fancy saree blouse

If you want to go for a full mode of elegant look with gorgeous sleeveless designer blouse with Doris making the look fashionable and a dense yet beautiful saree with some unique jewelry, it is a great combination to wear at wedding functions. 

25. Back cut and paneled blouse back design

blouse back neck designs

If you want to go with the trend yet want to make your look gorgeous, this blouse design will complement your festivity or wedding pre occasions saree. The beautiful silk blouse with bananas and zari works makes the look very elegant. 

26. Designer blouse with semi-circle cutout

temple pattern blouse back

A not too deep opposite U back blouse is a must in a wardrobe packed with some significant Saree collections. A classic floral or embroidered Saree, when paired with this blouse, will give you an elegant look that will work well for a festivity look as well as for an outdoor celebration.

27. Deep V cross back blouse with triangular cuts

latest blouse back design

A summertime daylight festivity mode, maybe holi or dandiya or a sangeet Haldi pre-wedding occasions, this blouse design combined with a lehenga, will make you look very modern, stylish and gorgeous. Get a slimming effect by styling with this fantastic blouse design.

28. Deep V neck blouse with strings

blouse back  neck design

A sophisticated puja occasion or festival and you want to look formal with a hit of modern in the designs of the blouse, this deep V backless blouse with giving your desire some satisfaction. A Dori in the back will simply complete the look of the blouse when you wear it with a fabulous saree.

29. Back neck design with a bow

blouse back neck with knot

A summer wardrobe cannot be complete with an easy-breezy flora saree by opting for this fashionable peter pan back neck design blouse with a bow. This is a perfect match for completing your style statement by pairing it with an elegant looking earring and some makeup.

30. Deep V low buttoned blouse

deep v neck blouse back

A perfect blouse for wearing a lehenga or a sharara and even can be matched with a pair of palazzos. The deep V back gives a very classy and stylish look to the one who is wearing. Who doesn’t love to provide a modern touch to their clothing.

31. Eye cut back neck design blouse

slit style blouse back neck design

This eye cut back neck design blouse won’t fail to provide a perfect look at all the modern ladies out there. Treat yourself with a perfect evening at your friend’s Mehendi or crash at a grand event. Moreover, this designer blouse can bring out the best of your creativity.

32. Bell sleeved blouse with keyhole design


Add charm to your outfit by picking this bell-sleeved blouse that is provided with goffered frills along the sleeves as well to give you an edgy look. Add volume to your outfit and look more stylish while wearing this eye-captivating blouse matching it with a saree or even a palazzo with a pair of oxidized earrings.

33. Lower back double dori blouse back neck designs


A morning pre-wedding function looks with a gorgeous designer blouse with double Dori at the back, giving it a modern gorgeousness. If you want to slay and look cool as well as impressive in your wear, this blouse design is a great option.

34. Kalamkari blouse


Why go for the everyday office wear when you can convert your traditional outfits into classy workwear. This sophisticated and kalamkari blouse is the right choice for reflecting your personality and looking more confident while adding India’s taste.

35. Cotton blouse back neck designs with bow


From casual to formal wear, style your look with this yet another classy solid-colored cotton blouse back neck designs with a bow that is just the right pick for a 9 to 5 look. An ultimate way to flaunt your fashion pick is choosing this fashionable blouse to give the best impression.

36. Triangular back cut chiffon blouse


A blouse to pair up with your chiffon sarees for the summer look during the day events and functions. The go-to puja day look will be perfect if you choose this design for the blouse. The light material is also easy to handle and will make you look very casual, trendy, yet cool.

37. Backless blouse with a decorative strip in the middle


A fashionista look, with neutral makeup and gorgeous jewelry, will complement this backless blouse with a decorative strip in the middle. Because of the bright-colored blouse, if you combine it with a great yet sober chiffon saree, it will make your look complete.

38. Backless blouse with double string and tassels


A casual saree look with a backless blouse with two Doris and long tassels gives your look a traditional and modern touch. Want to spend your lunch with your family or friends, this designer blouse will make you look classy yet casual and make you feel confident.

39. High neck blouse with geometric cutouts


This eye-striking work of art on this high neck blouse offers you with a royal and elegant look that can be paired with a dazzling set of jewelry. Stand out from the rest by wrapping yourself in a gorgeous looking heavy Saree that will make you look like an exceptional fashionista.

40. Jharokha cut style with tassels blouse back neck designs


A bridal style blouse to wear it in her wedding or reception with gorgeous designs, unique tassel styles, and zari and embroidery flora works. The jharokha cut makes the blouse royal and elegant looking yet very gorgeous.

41. Lace back side blouse design with cutout


Want to wear a backless blouse which is not flashy yet fashionable, go for this blouse. The geometric cuts, the material of the blouse will give you an option to wear and flaunt it as a bridesmaid clothing. The light-colored blouse makes it an opportunity to wear it in the morning functions.

42. Back Embroidery designer blouse


Any parties, maybe an anniversary, birthday, or a reception, this designer blouse will make you look like a fashionista or a Bollywood diva. The great artwork with zari in the back of the blouse makes the blouse very elegant for the evening party events. 

43. Back Slit bow design


Being a vital clothing article of a typical Indian outfit such as a lehenga or a saree, a blouse adds grace and uniqueness to your entire look. From adults to even youngsters, anyone can top their look with a beautifully made back slit bow design blouse that gives your outfit an elegance along with a traditional look.

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