High Neck Blouse Designs In Varied Necklines, Collars & More

There is a huge misconception that sarees style can’t be experimental. These days, saree is considered to be one of the most versatile styles of dressing. The beautiful blouse designs and blouse back neck designs are the major reason for saree dressing versatility. There are so many types of blouse designs in the market like the sleeveless, boat neck, asymmetrical, and the list is endless. Let’s get into some high neck blouse designs in different sleeves, necklines, collars, etc now.

The most trending styles are the high neck blouse designs. This type of blouse design is best suited for everyone who likes not to show much skin but still are modern. To help you choose the best style of high neck, we have compiled a list of designs that are everyone’s favorite this season.

Half Collar Neck Blouse Design:

Half collars with deep ‘v’ necks are now the latest style statement. Check out more v neck blouses.

Halter Neck Blouse:

halter neck blouse

Ruffle High Neck Design:

Here’s a boat neckline blouse with ruffle detailing at the neckline, sleeves, and bottom of the blouse. The stiff cloth sits well on the body and suits best for skinny people.

Boat Neck Crepe Blouse:

Crepe Blouse
Crepe Blouse Design

Crepes are smooth and flowy. Something like boxy bodice and bell sleeves would go well for this cloth. This is one chic style blouse with loose-fitting.

High Collar Neck Design:

This classic red blouse in mandarin collar style is elegant, classy in its look.

Rajasthani Peplum Blouse:

Rajasthani styles are very colorful and here’s one with beautiful colors in the jacket style peplum blouse.

Turtle Neck Design:

Turtle Neck Blouse Design

Turtle necks are the most sophisticated of all. This silver blouse can up your classy style for the evening.

Shirt Collar Blouse:

Cotton is the most elegant fabric, it gives you a poised look. Here’s one with shirt collar neck, kimono sleeves, and belt styling.

Peplum Blouse:

Peplum blouses are the most comfortable to style on. You can experiment with footwear like sneakers etc and are very styles to pull off.

Embroidered Turtle Neck Blouse:

Embroidery and turtle neck, a good scope to show off and highlight the design you like. The most traditionally elegant look.

Boxy Top Blouse:

Boxy tops are a chic way to show off your love of fashion without being too revealing. And these tops can go well with saree too as in here.

Jewel Neck Blouse Design:

Jewel necklines are rounded around the neck without a collar. These go well and look cool with pattu sarees or little more traditional sarees.

Sabrina Neck Design:

Peplum style with Sabrina neckline is a star in this color combination of blue and pink. This blouse looks cute and stylish.

Illusion High Neck Blouse:

Illusion High Neck Blouse

Illusion necklines have a sheer panel of fabric (typically lace, tulle, organza, or other netted fabric), which attaches to the bodice (usually at the waistline), and extends upward, forming the second, higher neckline.

Peter Pan Collar Blouse:

Peter pan collar blouse for a pattu saree is never imagined, but this picture above proves it gives a classic look.

Halter Neckline Blouse Design:

Halter necklines are basically high necks but here, a mandarin collar detailing has enhanced the look of the blouse.

Ruffled Jewel Neckline Blouse Design:

Ruffled high necks are the new party style.

Boat Neck Blouse Design:

Boat Neck Blouse Design

A basic boat neck never fails to style you up fantastically beautiful, classy or some times chic for the occasion.

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