Lightweight Fabrics For Summer

Top 10 Lightweight Fabrics To Wear In Summers:

Summer is one of the greatest seasons, and in this season, the style of our wardrobe completely changes. Besides adding a new design to the summer clothes collection, you must choose the right fabric for your project. The stylish and smart look, excluding the sweat patches in the current heatwave, is possible by choosing the correct fabric to wear. During summer, you must wear breathable, lightweight fabrics while still remaining heavy on look. There are also many types of sheer fabrics listed for you.

Wearing the correct type of fabric in the hot and humid summer season will suit you perfectly to enjoy the outdoors. Here is a list of 10 lightweight fabrics for summer that is best to wear in the summer season.  

What Are The Best Summer Lightweight Fabrics?


Cotton is one of the best natural fabrics that suit the hot weather. It is hugely available, and its price is also low. Cotton is great summer wear. You can find cotton wear to fit pretty much in any need. The importance of wearing cotton clothes during the hot summer season are:

  • Cotton is the first pick and an obvious choice for any fabric lover.
  • Cotton allows the heat to escape from the body and maintains the body to remain cool.
  • It is soft, breathable, and lightweight, and it soaks up sweat.
  • It comes in different colors and styles.
  • Different qualities of cotton blends are available such as dotted swiss most suited for summer.
  • Cotton got pretty wrinkled, but the presence of cotton polyester will prevent you from using iron and will also help to smarten up.
  • Cotton also provides you plenty of flexibility for any designs that you have in your mind.


Linen is also considered as another top choice as a summer outfit. The features of Linen fabric are:

  • Linen is a breathable fabric, and it is lightweight.
  • Linen allows the heat to escape from the body as it is lightly woven.
  • It dries quickly by absorbing the moisture from the body and keeps the body cool and dry.
  • Linen tends to be a stiff fabric, but it does not mean that it will stick to the body.
  • Pretty often, Linen clothes also get wrinkled, but it is liked by a lot of people and views it as a part of the style and look of Linen.
  •  It is also very easy to wash and dry Linen.


To wear silk in the summer season is quite surprising, but silk can retain heat. The features of silk fabric are:

  • Silk is a lightweight fabric, and it shows patches and other unpleasant signs that indicate that the sun is getting to a little too much.
  • It is proven to be gorgeous light garments when loosely woven.
  • Silk fabrics offer a touch of elegance that outweighs their inherent fragility.
  • Silk also helps to retain cool body temperature. 


Chiffon fabric is a great choice to wear in the summer season. The features of Chiffon fabric are:

  • Chiffon fabric is used in many different ways, which creates a splash of elegance.
  • Chiffon ensures that the heat does not overwhelm the wearers.
  • This fabric is ideal for dresses and particularly for bridal wear.
  • It is used perfectly in the creation of nightgowns and other evening wear and helps to stay comfortably on hot summer nights.
  • Chiffon is available in different colors and styles.


Jersey is an excellent fabric with lightweight, which makes it absolutely suitable for summer wear. The features of Jersey fabric are:

  • Jersey fabric often gets blended with cotton to make it a bit rugged.
  • This fabric won’t weigh the wearer at all, and it is extremely flexible.
  • It can be worked out in most of the designs, and it offers excellent levels of comfort.
  • Jersey fabric is just appropriate for summer loungewear.
  • This fabric is available in a number of colors and is great for t-shirts and other garments.

Chambray Over Denim For Summer

Chambray, popularly known as Denim fabric, is great summer wear. The features of Denim fabric are:

  • Denim fabrics are very tightly woven cotton.
  • Denim is breathable, and it is sweat-absorbent, just like cotton.
  • It tends to be heavier fabric, and that is why Chambray Chambray is a lighter version of Denim and is a lot lighter than Denim fabric.
  • It is excellent for t-shirt dresses, and it adds a little bit of variety to your summer wardrobe collection.

Seersucker Lycra

Seersucker Lycra fabric is ideal for sporty types, and it gives a lot of flexibility. The features of this fabric are:

  • This fabric offers an increased level of breathability and lightness.
  • It is an excellent fabric for gym wear and also for those who want to give their own bicycle shorts a bash.
  • Seersucker lycra is a fashionable fabric and a sister fabric of cotton.
  • It is used in shorts, shirts, and blazers and balances polish, laid-back and preppy.


Satin is a lightweight and comfortable fabric for a summer outfit. The features of Satin fabric are:

  • Satin fabrics are dressy, and they adjust to the temperature of your body.
  • They are glossy silk works for occasions in summer.
  • They are not the most absorbent and breathable fabric, but its darker hues will avoid the visibility of the sweat stains on the sticky days.


Rayon is a man-made fabric and it is made by blending cotton, wood pulp, and other synthetic or natural fibers. The features of Rayon fabric are:

  • Rayon was invented as a cheaper alternative to silk, and thus, it also makes the silk to be a good fabric to wear in the summer season.
  • Rayon allows breathing more than other fabrics as it is made up of very thin fibers.
  • It is a lightweight fabric and prevents sticking to the body during the hot summer season.
  • Rayon is especially good for summer wear and sportswear, as it is very much comfortable to wear and allows cooling.
  • While washing with hot water, Rayon fabric gets wrinkled, so you can wash in cold water, but dry cleaning is recommended in the case of Rayon fabric wear to avoid damage and shrinkage.


Polyester is a great choice for lounging in the summer season. The features of Polyester fabric are:

  • Polyester is a superior alternative to cotton and linen.
  • It is an excellent wicking material, and it draws sweat away from the body, which allows the sweat to evaporate much more quickly.
  • This fabric makes an effective choice for athletic wear when blended with something like Rayon fabric.
  • Polyester blend summer clothing is lightweight and the best for summer wear.


For many people, the summer season tends to be a season of stains and dirt.  But don’t let the stains ruin your summer days and avoid them by wearing some lightweight fabrics in the summer season. Clear your worries and choose the summer fabric that suits best for you.

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