Marula Oil Benefits For Healthy And Radiant Skin

6 Promising Benefits Of Marula Oil For Skin And Hair:

marula oil benefits

Marula oil is obtained from the Marula fruit kernels, a fruit native to South Africa. It is considered as an elixir that has been used for centuries to treat different skin conditions. amazing oil has many benefits to offer and also helps rejuvenate the skin. Here are a few marula oil benefits. Check out marula oil side effects.

What Are The Benefits Of Marula Oil?

1. Fights The Signs Of Aging:

Has Anti-ageing Properties. Are you struggling to get rid of those wrinkles that appear on your face as you age? Marula oil is a wonderful elixir with antioxidants and for its ability to fight different signs of aging. By applying this oil regularly, you can retain the suppleness and the lustrous look of your skin.

2. Protects Against Environmental Damage:

Fights off Environmental Damage. Our skin is prone to many damaging effects of the environment like pollution, sun rays, cold wind, etc. Marula oil defends our skin against these environmental damages and helps rejuvenate it, by bringing back its natural luster.

3. May Suit All Skin Types:

Benefits All Skin Types. Whether your skin type is dry, oily, normal, or even sensitive, you can apply this oil without any worries, as it heals all types of skin. Men too can use it for softening rough skin.

4. Smoothen Skin:

Makes Your Skin Smooth. Marula oil penetrates deep into the skin and reaches even the thickest areas. The presence of some skin-boosting elements like vitamin C and monounsaturated fatty acids replenish and help regain the skin’s elasticity. This oil also helps fight acne, pigmentation, and scars and gives you smooth and flawless skin.

5. Keeps Your Hair and Scalp Healthy:

It Benefits The Hair And Scalp Too. The benefits of Marula oil is not only for the skin. This oil can also give you shiny and lustrous hair. The presence of some powerful nutrients, minerals, fatty acids, and antioxidants in this oil fight against UV rays damage. Additionally, the cellular regenerative properties of Marula oil keeps your scalp healthy, promoting hair growth. So, massaging your hair regularly with this oil will give you gorgeous hair.

6. May Heal Chapped Lips | May Treats Brittle Nails:

Good For Your Nails And Lips. If you have brittle nails that are prone to crack or break, a regular massage with Marula oil will help nourish and regain the vitality of your nails. Moreover, applying Marula oil on chapped lips makes it soft and supple.

How Do You Use Marula Oil On Your Face?

Simply massage 3-4 drops of Marula Carrier Oil twice daily into the preferred area of skin.

As Facial Moisturizer:

  • Marula oil, as a daytime and nighttime moisturizer, irrespective of your skin type. Pout a few drops of cold-pressed pure marula oil on your fingers and apply it on your face.
  • Apply before makeup because it is nongreasy and absorbs quickly.

As Body Lotion:

Marula oil, with its oxidative stability property, is an ideal ingredient for many cosmetic formulas such as skin lotions, scalp conditioners, and eyeshadows. Use as an overall body lotion. Try applying it after bathing for better results.

How Do You Apply Marula Oil To Hair?

Rub a few drops of marula oil into the ends of your hair to help eliminate split ends and dryness. It also works well on dry and irritated scalps. Try applying a few drops of marula oil to your hair prior to heat styling to use it as a heat protectant.

More Info About Marula Oil:

Historically, the marula tree played a major role for nearly 10,000 years. It is known as the “marriage tree” symbolizing purity and fertility. That is why it was used in purifying rituals before a wedding.

The marula nut was the food of kings, and it is from this the “miracle oil” (i.e., marula oil) comes and continues to be a cold-pressed oil.

Before you start using marula oil on your skin and hair, check out the safety precautions you need to keep in mind.

Safety Precautions

There are no proven specific and scientific risks of using marula oil yet. But, people who are nuts allergic may tend to be allergic to marula oil.

As the first precaution of using any new product. A patch test is recommended before using marula oil. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Apply 3 or 4 drops of marula oil on your inner forearm and wait for 24 hours.
  • You can use marula oil on other parts of your body only if there is no sign of hives, redness, or irritation.

Avoid contact with eyes and stop using it in case of irritation.

Marula oil is rich in essential nutrients with numerous benefits. Several cosmetic products use this ingredient. It has anti-aging properties and protects your skin from getting damaged. Take the safety precaution test only then use the marula oil is recommended quantities to reap its benefits. Consult a doctor in case of any side effects.

How often should I use Marula oil on my face?

How often can you use it: Marula oil can be used daily. Works well with: There aren’t any known ingredients that it should be used with, though Rabach points out it can be layered over products with active ingredients (retinoids, peptides, antioxidants) to help seal them into skin and boost their efficacy.

How do I apply marula oil on my face?

Face oil should be the very last step in your skincare routine, since moisturizers and serums can’t actually penetrate your skin if it’s covered in oil. So after you cleanse, tone, spot-treat, and moisturize, plop two or three drops of marula oil on your fingers and gently dab the oil on your face.

Does marula oil tighten skin?

Rich in antioxidants: Marula, like most natural oils, is rich in protective and anti-aging antioxidants. Great source of vitamin C: Vitamin C is a powerhouse ingredient for skin, helping to protect from environmental stressors, firm and tighten, as well as brighten skin.

Is Marula Oil anti aging?

Why it works: Marula oil is rich in fatty acids and is purported to contain 60 percent more antioxidants than most other oils, meaning it packs a powerful punch against aging and sun damage. The oil also has antimicrobial properties, making it ideal for irritated or acne-prone skin.

Is Marula oil pore clogging?

Marula oil might be described as “non-greasy” but it is comedogenic, so any claims that it doesn’t clog pores are false, even though there are different levels to how much an oil can clog your pores. So, it might be better than coconut oil on the clog scale, but it’s not better than a heavy oil like argan oil.

Does marula oil have retinol?

It’s great for taming frizz, flyaways and dry ends – without weighing hair down!. Marula oil in its purest form, with a dash of vitamin E. … Retinol encapsulated in hydrating marula oil, to soften its occasional drying side effects.

Does marula oil help hair grow?

Oleic acid Our Marula oil contains 78% oleic acid which means the bulk of the oil penetrates the hair shaft. Oleic is a monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acid which boosts hair growth, prevents dry scalp and actually strengthens the cellular membranes so repairs damaged follicles.

Can I use Marula oil under eyes?

With its high concentrates of vitamin C and E, you will find that applying Marula oil to the under-eye will diminish the signs of dark circles and undereye bags. You can also mix a few drops of the oil with a hyaluronic acid serum and gently apply it on the under eyes, around the outer corners and onto the eyelids.

Does marula oil go bad?

My Marula oil has gone cloudy. Is it out of date or is it safe to use? The shelf life of our products is three years when unopened and stored at room temperature.

Does marula oil contain vitamin C?

Its natural range covers many countries in Africa. For this reason, it’s a staple oil in many homes on the continent. The Marula fruit contains superfood levels of Vitamin C, an edible fruit as well.

Is Marula oil good for scars?

Helps Scars Is marula oil good for scars? Similar to the way it helps with stretch marks, this oil can also help to prevent scarring since it’s rich in essential fatty acids as well as skin-boosting vitamins C and E. You can use marula oil for face scars or scars anywhere else on your body.

Should I use Marula oil before or after moisturizer?

Because oil is the heaviest—or most dense—product in your routine, it’s able to penetrate your moisturizer, allowing it to reach your skin, but the reverse isn’t true. If you want to really amp up the moisture, apply your oil after applying moisturizer onto damp skin.

Which is better argan oil or marula oil for hair?

Marula oil is best used on hair that is very dry and frizzy or has cuticle damage as it helps moisturize and seal the cuticle of the hair,’ she explains. ‘Argan oil is best for thinner hair, [and] hair that needs more volume as it penetrates deeper than marula typically.

Is Trader Joe’s Marula oil any good?

Excellent for daily use, it offers antioxidants and hydration to help promote soft, radiant skin.” Some people say the oil has a nutty scent, but to me it’s almost odorless. So, if you’re sensitive to smells like I am, I imagine you would be fine.

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