Moebius Knitting

Moebius Knitting

A Moebius strip is a surface with one side and no inside or outside because it’s twisted halfway through. A growing trend in knitting is to use these strips for infinity scarves, creating stylish cowls that look like they go on forever. Check out crocheting tips and tricks.

Moebius knitting is a type of reversible fabric that looks great for clothing accessories. It can be created with both straight and circular needles, but you don’t need to know math to do it!

Moebius Knitting

What is Moebius Knitting?

Combining knitting and mathematics, Moebius knitting has created a uniquely shaped continuous strip. This technique can be used to create scarves or cowls with your desired width.

How Do You Knit a Moebius?

Straight Needles

Instead of knitting a scarf with straight needles, you could knit one using circular or double-pointed needles. The most basic way to do this is by twisting the tips after finishing each row and sewing them together at the end to create an infinity look.

Circular Needles

Circular needles are an excellent choice for knitting Moebius scarves. To use circulars, first cast on the stitches; you need to make your circumference using a provisional crochet cast-on, so this can be undone later when finishing off the scarf edges. After picking up all these stitches onto the left and right needle tips with both yarn ends held together in one hand, join them into a round by twisting then attaching it with slip stitch as usual. Be sure to keep track of which side is “front” before joining, or else you’ll end up doing twice as many rows!

Cat Bordhi Moebius Cast On

Knitting author Cat Bordhi has a popular Moebius cast-on technique that also works well for knitting Moebius patterns.

To use Cat Bordhi’s Moebius Cast-On Technique:

  1. Make a slipknot leaving about a 6-inch tail, then place this knot onto your circular needle in the center of the cable.
  2. Grab the knot and center of your cable, holding it between your thumb and the first two fingers of your right hand.
  3. With your left hand, grab your left needle tip and bring it counter-clockwise around to the slipknot so that it makes a circle.
  4. Grab your left needle tip, slipknot, and cable, keep the needle tip in front.
  5. Hold your cable a few inches left of your slipknot and left needle with your left hand.
  6. Take your yarn in your palm and fingers and move it over your left index finger away from the cable.
  7. Bring the left needle forward under your cable, move the needle over the ball strand so that it catches the yarn. Move the needle back under the cable. You should now have one stitch cast on.
  8. Repeat steps 10 and 11 until all your stitches are cast on.

Knitting an infinity scarf is not as hard as it seems.

The act of knitting Moebius patterns can be intimidating at first, but in reality, all you need to do is create a long piece that loops around on itself and then sew the ends together!

The simplest way to sew your ends is with straight needles. Just twist and tie the two pieces together, but Cat Bordhi’s method also involves twisting stitches into a figure-8 design that you should try if you enjoy these styles.

What is Moebius Knitting?

How do you knit a Mobius scarf?

Making the Mobius To begin, knit a round, and then purl a round.  Next you’ll create an eyelet round by starting with *yarn over and then knit 2 together. … Starting with purl, alternate a purl round followed by a knit round for the next five rounds—you will end with a purl round. Repeat the eyelet round from step two.

How many stitches do you need for an infinity scarf?

Instructions: Using the long-tail cast on, cast on 100 stitches and join in the round, making sure not to twist stitches. Place a stitch marker to mark the beginning of the round. Repeat these two rounds until piece measures 7″ or desired width.

How do you knit an infinity scarf with a twist?

What is a Mobius twist?

A mobius is a ring with a half-twist that is often used to crochet a scarf, cowl, shawl or wrap. It’s a fascinating form because it has only one side and one edge.  Crochet into all the rest of the bottom loops of your chains. Your hook should now be opposite your marker.

How do you block a Moebius cowl?

The best way to “flatten” a moebius is to lay it out in a triangular shape like above. I like to block using my blocking wires. So my next step in blocking a moebius is to fold the “top” of the triangle down to expose the top edge of the bottom strip in the triangle.

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