Crochet Blanket Edges Curling

Crochet Blanket Edges Curling

Sometimes our crochet projects curl at the edges, and it’s a little frustrating. This is what we know about why that happens, how to prevent it in your own work, and even some tips for resolving those issues if you find yourself dealing with them already!

The most common reason for crocheting curls is due to tension problems while making individual stitches. Crochet may also be curling because of uneven yarn distribution throughout the entire project – which could result from using multiple skeins simultaneously without alternating between each one as needed. If these are not reasons causing this issue, there might actually be an error within your pattern – so double-check everything before starting another project again!

Why is My Crochet Curling?

Tight Tension

Many crocheters have experienced their projects curling because they crochet too tightly. Crochet blankets are particularly prone to this problem, as the edges curl in towards each other and make a little stiff blanket that is not very inviting for snuggles or cuddles on cold nights.


The most common reason for crocheting curls is the foundation chain. If it’s too loose or too tight, you will run into issues.

If your foundation is too loose, the new stitches made into it will cause a change in the shape of your piece. Similarly, if it’s folded tightly together and pulled out of shape by creating more stitches than required, it may also result in twisting problems further down that can create even more issues.

How to Keep Your Crochet from Curling

If you’re struggling with curling in your crochet projects, try going up a hook size. If the issue is tight tension, using bigger hooks will give each stitch more room and reduce that problem.

There are two ways to fix the curve in your project. 

One is by changing the size of the crochet hook used for making the foundation chain so that it’s a little bit bigger than you use for regular work; this can help with the curling issue. 

Another option is to make a gauge swatch and confirm any issues like tension, etc.; then try fixing those things before starting the pattern using techniques from online resources or books.

How to Fix Crochet Blanket Curving

Curving problems when making a crochet blanket are pretty common problems. They are also very frustrating. Here are 3 ways to fix curving in a crochet blanket:

  1. Blocking
  2. Adding a Border
  3. Ripping or Frogging to a Previous Row


A technique used by many crocheters for their finished projects is blocking. This helps bring the shape into what it should be, including soaking and stretching out the piece using pins to hold them in place until they dry.

Blocking is a great way to fix curving issues on your project. It’s not the best solution for drastic changes, but it can be perfect if you need things straightened out very slightly! Keep in mind that certain types of yarn respond better than others when blocked, which could affect how well something turns out.

Adding a Border

If you’re close to finishing your blanket and it starts curving, don’t go back into rows to fix them. You should add a border instead so that the curve isn’t noticeable anymore.

Use a new color and add borders around the edge of your blanket to create an interesting look for your project. Just make sure to go slow so that you get nice even edges on all sides, which will solve any curving problems you were having previously.

Ripping or Frogging to a Previous Row

A quick and simple way to fix this problem is by ripping or “frogging” back to a previous row. This method takes time. However, so many crocheters despise it.

To avoid ripping back the same spot twice, find and fix any mistakes on your next try.


Don’t worry if your crochet project has unwanted curling, waves, and ripples. It is a common problem on the journey to crocheting perfection, but there are ways you can fix it!

It is better to be safe than sorry. Doing it correctly at the beginning will save you a lot of pain and frustration later on.

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