How To Do Reverse Tie Dye

How To Do Reverse Tie Dye

If you are tired of wearing the same typically designed clothes, reverse tie dye is the solution. Regular tie dyes can take hours, might get chaotic sometimes, and the stains on hands and others might not want to go easily but that is not the case with reverse tie dye. Mostly it takes 25 minutes and you will need household ingredients to carry out this process. Check out how to tie dye with different tie dye techniques to apply the following reverse tie dye technique.

Reverse tie dye is different from the traditional tie dye that helps in removing the colour from the dress and to get a unique and amazing pattern. Using household bleach is a popular method for achieving this look but leaving it longer than what is required will result in the eating away of the fabric. 

Materials Required To Reverse Tie Dye

  • A dark colored shirt, it can be black, dark blue or others 
  • Any brand of bleach, 2 cups per shirt 
  • Some rubber bands, non-colored are preferred 
  • A pair of scissors
  • A place to rinse
  • A pouring device, measuring cups are preferred 
  • Tongs (not compulsory)
  • Detergent (not compulsory)
  • Dryer (not compulsory)


  • Since you will be working with bleach, it is advised to wear old clothes. 
  • In steps 4 and 5, the bleach may splash so be aware of it.
  • Remember to keep it away from your eyes and any kind of open wounds. 
  • Make sure to keep the windows open or switch on the fan so the bleach fumes do not affect you in any way. 

reverse tie dye techniques

Here are the steps you need to follow to reverse tie dye your cloth:

1. Get Started

Lay the shirt on a flat surface and keep all the materials ready.

2. Divide your shirt into sections

Next, you will have to bunch up the shirt in multiple sections. Take some rubber bands and tie them around the sections you made before. One thing you should remember is if you want to create many intricate patterns, it will depend on how many sections you make and how many times you twist the rubber band around them.

3. Prepare to bleach

Now, you need to take the shirt you tied to the rinsing station. Take almost two cups of bleach and pour it into the device you will use. You can use a sink, a bathtub, or anything you prefer. It is better to use a pouring device that has a spout so you can control the flow of the beach on the shirt. 

4. Add bleach

So now you will have to pour the solution of chlorine on the rubber bands. It will need approximately 15-20 minutes to soak into the clothing. You can then add all the excess solution all over the shirt. It will take some 20 more seconds for the bleach to saturate the clothing. Also, it is crucial to get a hold of both sides of the shirt.

5. Take Off the rubber bands

Use the scissors when cutting the rubber bands. This will fasten the process. Another thing to keep in mind is you should get rid of these rubber bands when they accumulate in the rinsing station. It will cause an issue in draining.

6. Rince the bleach

Make sure you have warm water ready for this step. Rinse the bleach from the shirt using this warm water. Keep cleaning it until the water turns clear. It is not at all difficult to try reverse tie dye when you know how to do it. 

7. Wash the shirt

Use approximately half a cup of detergent for this process. Pour it on the shirt while it is in the rinsing station. Make sure that every bit of the shirt is cleaned with detergent. You should use warm water here too and keep rinsing until you see clear water. 

Let the excess water drain out. By doing this, you will make sure that the next time the clothing is washed, it does not give out any color. Thus, it is a vital step if you want to avoid any dispersion of bleach on other attires when washed next time. 

8. Achieving the final product

You will have to put the shirt in the dryer once it is wrung properly. It is not mandatory but if you are in a hurry to wear it, you can. Air dry is another method you can use. 

After you have decided which method to use for drying, clean the area where you worked. Make sure you get rid of any excess bleach on the surfaces. Also, wash your hands properly so that there is no chemical reaction due to the beach.

This is all you need to do for achieving a freshly dyed shirt. It is not only easy but also helps you get a unique look when in the crowd. If you are someone who is thinking of removing the color from a piece of clothing that is of a dark color, then reverse tie dye is for you. 

Many people use bleach to get rid of the color from certain areas of the piece. The way dye can add color to the clothing, bleach can remove the existing color from the shirts. The whole process is quite easy to carry out. The above-listed steps are what you will have to follow to get the desired results. 

One who follows these steps carefully will for sure get the best and most beautiful results. 

How long does reverse tie dye take?

Introduction: Reverse Tie-Dye It only takes approximately 25 minutes and requires everyday household items including bleach, rubber bands, and any dark colored shirt.

Can you do reverse tie dye with bleach?

Reverse tie dye or tie dyeing with bleach is exactly what I’m going to show you how to do today. It’s very easy to do and process really unique results. … Essentially, the bleach will act as the dye. Only it won’t be dyeing you textile a color, it will instead be removing the color from the fabric.

How do you reverse tie dye with hydrogen peroxide?

Prepare a neutralizing solution that will stop the bleaching action when you reach the color you desire. The neutralizing solution is made by mixing 1 part hydrogen peroxide to 10 parts water. Mix this up first before you begin your bleaching project, so it is ready to use.

How do you reverse tie dye with bleach patterns?

Bleach Tie Dye Patterns – Reverse Tie Dyeing Colored Shirts Fold or pleat shirt with your desired tie dye method. Secure with rubber bands. Mix the bleach with water and fill the spray bottle. Spray the shirt with the bleach solution. Wait 15 to 30 minutes. Rinse the shirt thoroughly and run through the washing machine cycle. Hang to dry.

Can you tie-dye on a black shirt?

Can you tie-dye a black shirt? Yes, but you need to remove some color with a bleaching agent first. Black being a combination of all three primary colors, no dye can get it to change color, the combination of black and any color will still result in black.

How do you reverse tie dye a sweatshirt?

How long do you have to let bleach tie dye sit?

Let sit for 10 to 30 minutes. Check on your shirt every few minutes to see how it’s looking. You don’t want to leave the bleach on for too long because it can damage the fabric and ruin the shirt.

What kind of bleach do you use to tie dye?

Can I use hydrogen peroxide to tie dye?

You want fabric dye which is called RIT found @ the fabric or craft store. Step 3 Put the cap on the container and gently shake to mix the hydrogen peroxide and water.

What do I need for reverse tie dye?

Materials A black t-shirt. A tie dye kit. Bleach toilet bowl cleaner. Rubber bands. Disposable gloves.

Can you tie dye clothes with hydrogen peroxide?

It turns out that hydrogen peroxide is safe to use on most dyes and fabrics, as long as the dye is colorfast. It’s mild bleaching properties work well for making whites whiter and colors brighter. This makes it an effective substitute for chlorine bleach. Hydrogen peroxide is an oxygen-based, non-chlorine bleach.

Do you wash bleach tie dye in hot or cold water?

Finally, once you’re happy with the bleached out parts of your shirt, rinse it thoroughly with cold water and then wash it in your washing machine. Don’t wait on this or the bleach will eat through the fabric of your shirt!

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