Rice Water For Hair In Boiled rice water benefits for hair & Ways To Use Rice Water

Does Rice Water help Grow Your Hair Faster?

When it comes to trying out different routines for having a healthy body, most of us seek instant gratification. We try out new hair products in the hope of having our lustrous locks back within a day when it requires quite a time to show results. You will come across creative kitchen concoctions with rice that is popular for various skin and hair benefits in boiled rice water benefits for hair. The following is one such procedure being the use of Rice water for faster hair growth. There are also masks with rice flour with numerous benefits, check out rice packs for glowing skin and hair and also some haircare.

Rice water for hair

What Is Rice Water?

Rice water is the pure starchy water that is extracted by either boiling or soaking rice in water. Although it might seem to be just another simple solution, it does contain numerous vitamins and minerals such as amino acids, vitamin E,  B vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and about 75- 80 percent of starch. 

A Quick Peek At Its History:

Using rice water to grow your strands longer is not something out of the blue, and most of you’ll have already come across it through numerous home remedy videos. But is this procedure legit? Well,  the answer lies in the work of numerous researchers who have come to find about this beauty tip arising from Japan, where the women would supposedly apply rice water to have floor-length hair. 

Another equivalent story suggests that this procedure was also practiced in China, where the Yao women of Huangluo Village were known for having an average hair length of about 6 feet. 

Recently, this beauty trick has been trending across the world, and many product developers’ websites offering beauty tips have come across this beneficial technique. 

benefits of rice water for hair

Is Rice Water effective for your hair? 

Rice water is known for offering your hair with shine and making it stronger while also helping your detangle it. All of this is a result of the generous amount of nutrients present in this traditionally rich formula. 

Benefits Of Rice Water For Hair:

  • Promotes faster hair growth and makes your hair look fuller, shiny, and healthy. 
  • Adding ingredients such as silk protein and coconut oil can help you grow lustrous and healthier strands. 
  • Rice water helps seal split ends and strengthens your hair strands. 
  • Additionally, your scalp follicles will feel healthier since it contains essential vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates. 
  • Rice water also helps in untangling your hair and make your hair smoother and shinier. 
  • Bleached hair and damaged hair can also be repaired by rice water since it contains an essential element named inositol.

Additionally, rice water – especially the fermented solution helps in eliminating dandruff and flakes to a great extent. The substances involved in it help in inhibiting the growth of the fungus that is responsible for causing dandruff. From removing dandruff to moisturizing your scalp, rice water ensures you that your precious hair is totally taken care of. 

Methods Of Preparing Rice Water:

Preparing rice water for your hair can be done in numerous ways. Here we provide a few ways of how to make rice water for hair.

Rice Water By Soaking:

rice water by soaking

One of the quickest ways of having prepared your beauty solution is nothing but soaking. This method involves taking 1 ½ cup of rice (uncooked). Add this rice quantity to a bowl and fill about 2 to 3 cups of water. Leave the bowl for about 30 minutes to soak. Next, you need to collect the rice water by straining the rice into a fresh container. 

Fermented Rice Water For Hair:

method to prepare fermented rice water

Some advocates have claimed that in comparison to plain rice water, fermented rice water has more amount of benefits when applied to hair. It is suggested that fermented rice water contains a substance that has a massive amount of antioxidants.

And as we all know, antioxidants have always been the right element for eliminating skin and hair damage. It is the main reason why you will notice that most beauty products contain this essential element. 

Well, here is the guide to “how to make fermented rice water for hair”. In order to prepare fermented rice water, first, follow all the steps up to soaking. Now note that before straining it, you need to leave the rice water for about two days for allowing it to ferment at room temperature. 

Boiled rice water benefits for hair

method to prepare boiled rice water

Boiling is yet another effective way to prepare your rice water for hair growth. Take ½ cup of rice in a container. Add double the quantity of water to it. Next, you need to cook the rice until boiling temperature and strain your beauty solution into a clean vessel. 

How to use rice water for hair growth?

Using Rice Water As A Conditioner:

Using Rice Water As A Conditioner

It’s time for you to replace your commercial conditioner with this magical beauty trick. And in order to this, follow the simple steps mentioned below :

  • Firstly, wash your hair thoroughly with a mild shampoo. 
  • Make sure to rinse out thoroughly all the shampoo from your hair by making use of tap water. 
  • Gently apply rice water to your hair. 
  • Gently Massage your scalp and hair with rice water.
  • Leave it on your hair for a good 20 minutes. 
  • Later on, rinse your hair throughout by using warm water. 

Using Rice Water As a Shampoo:

rice water as shampoo

It is now possible to make a nutrient-rich shampoo out of rice water simply at home. Add 1 cup of rice water in a container, add a spoon full of shikakai powder along with ¼ cup of aloe Vera extract. After mixing thoroughly, add two tablespoons of either baby shampoo or Castile shampoo and mix the entire solution well. 

Store the mix in a bottle and place it in the refrigerator. And that’s it. You can now use this just like any other shampoo of yours. 

Using Rice Water For Hair Growth As Hair Mask:

Using Rice Water For Hair Growth As Hair Mask

Rice water can be used to make an effective hair mask in two essential ways; the first one is by simply making use of plain rice water without having added any other ingredient. Secondly, you could form a paste of it and apply it to your scalp and hair as an effective hair mask. 

In the first method, you have to rinse your hair with a mild shampoo and later massage your scalp and hair with a sufficient amount of rice water while gently rubbing it throughout. Let it remain for about 15 minutes and later wash it off with warm water. 

The second way involves the use of fermented rice water with mustard powder and olive oil to form a thick paste. Upon mixing well, apply it to your hair and keep it for 20 minutes, after which you can rinse it off using tap water. 

Rice Water For Hair Before And After

rice water for hair before and after

Side Effects Of Rice Water On Hair

Well, you might find a lot of people commenting in favour of rice water usage for hair, you might also experience a few side effects of rice water on hair at a personal level. Do not always go by rice water for hair reviews by different people with different hair types on the internet! Here are a few of the side effects to consider:

  1. Flakiness On The Scalp: You might observe some sort of flakiness on the scalp due to the accumulation of particles from the rice water. The most reasonable way out for this is to wash the hair thoroughly after using the rice water. 
  2. Overload Of The Protein: Several studies state that using rice water for hair with low porosity is not advisable. Less porous hair may have an overload of protein near the scalp.
  3. Dryness On The Scalp: The overload of protein build up may lead to rapid dryness of hair. 
  4. Unreasonable Breakage Of Hair: A reasonable amount of hair breakage is experienced by everyone. For some hair types like the low porous ones can lead to unreasonable breakage of hair. 

How long does it take for rice water to grow your hair?

On average, the rice water application on hair starts showing results within 45 days. However, if you want to increase the speed of results, you can use fermented rice water.

How often should I use rice water on my hair?

Generally speaking, twice a week is enough for most hair types. If you have dry or curly hair, start with once a week and see what effect that has. If your hair is especially oily, you may need to use the treatment three times per week for results.

Can I spray rice water on my hair every day?

Use it as a rinse after you shampoo and condition your hair for a quick glossy texture. Some even like to spray rice water on their hair on a daily basis as a leave-in conditioner.

Is purple rice water good for hair?

SheaMoisture’s Purple Rice Water, when used for hair care, reduces friction, strengthens and fortifies brittle hair, increases elasticity, and closes the cuticle for soft and shiny hair due to the added wild orchid extract and sweet violet extract.

What color should rice water be?

White. Pour rice and water into a bowl, mixing gently with clean fingers. After about 30-45 minutes and occasional stirring, water should be a cloudy white color.

Which rice water is best for hair?

Fermented rice water enhances the existing vitamin and nutrient levels of plain rice water, thus increasing its benefits. You can use it as a replacement for the plain version. It has anti-dandruff, anti-itch, anti-hair fall properties and helps in oil control on the scalp.


Ultimately, hair growth isn’t an overnight process and requires a great amount of patience and determination while consistently sticking to your product regime. 

However, this traditional treatment of rinsing your hair with rice water for hair growth has been gaining popularity enormously in various regions of Asia and is now becoming a hair regime trend. 

Most of the users find rice water to be extremely beneficial and are already proud of its faster results. And with historical evidence, it is quite evident that rice water is indeed a perfect regime for gaining stronger hair with better texture. 

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