Types Of Formal Shoes

Types Of Formal Shoes

Since we spend a lot of time in our workplace, having the right formal shoes is also very important. They also have a significant impact on the style and personality of an individual and talk about their character. There is a wide range of formal shoes, so selecting one will not be very difficult. Therefore, we will discuss the various types of proper shoes to increase your knowledge.

Derby shoes

The Derby shoes are a popular type of formal shoes. They follow the method of open lacing, using which one can attach the eyelets on top of the vamp by sewing them. During the 1850s, derby shoes became famous for hunting and sporting boots.

But by the time of the 20th century, these shoes became common to wear in town. The quarters of these shoes are sewn onto the vamps. Their heels are extended and more casual because of their open lacing. These shoes are also comfortable and have more space than other formal shoes.

Brogue shoes

The brogue is either a type of shoe or a boot. They have low heels and multiple pieces. These shoes have sturdy leather as their upper, along with decorative and extensive broguing and serrations. The broguing and serration are visible along the edges of the leather pieces.

Brogue shoes are outdoor shoes, and the perforations help the shoe quickly dry in a wet climate. They go along with business, casual, and formal wear and are available in four styles of toe caps. The toe cap styles are full or wingtip, longwing, quarter, and semi.

Monk strap shoe

The monk strap shoe is a dress shoe style. It has no lacing and uses multiple straps or bucks to secure itself on the wearer’s foot. They are formal shoes and sometimes include a cap toe. The origin of the monk shoes is unclear since the only fact known about them is that a monk from the Alps is given credit for its creation.

They are intermediate formal shoes and are incredibly versatile. They perfectly pair along with less traditional clothing, business attire, and even casuals.

Oxford shoes

The Oxford shoes are trendy formal shoes. They use the method of closed lacing through which one can attach the eyelets under the vamp by sewing them. These shoes are different from other formal shoes because of their under the vamp eyelets since other shoes have eyelets on top of the vamp.

Initially, Oxford shoes were formal and plain shoes and had low heels. But now, they use various materials for their construction and are available in multiple styles. One can wear them along with casual, formal, and uniform clothing. There are different types of Oxford shoes available as well.

Formal pumps

The formal pumps refer to dress shoes that one can wear during informal events. They use black patent leather for their construction and are extremely classy. Both women and men prefer to wear these because of their sleek yet formal design.

They perfectly go along with an all-black traditional outfit and make an individual appear classy and elite. For women, these pumps are also available in various lengths of the heel. The heel pumps look much more elegant and formal.


Boots are a type of formal footwear that is perfect for women. There are different types of boots for women and types of boots for men. They cover the ankle and foot of the wearer and are fashionable. Boots with high heels go perfectly with traditional women’s outfits and look very classy.

Blucher shoes

A blucher shoe refers to a type of shoe that has an open lacing. The vamp of this shoe uses a single piece of leather for its construction. The sewing of the eyelets is on top of the vamp.

These shoes bear a resemblance to derby shoes but with only one exception. Blucher shoes use one cut for their structure and have small eyelet sewings on top. They are a bit bulky and do not go along with suits very well.


Loafers are slip-on shoes that have no laces. They have moccasin construction and are pretty popular as business or formal shoes. Initially, the use of these shoes was along with casual wear, but it saw a change with time.

Loafers are comfortable and stylish shoes that go along perfectly with an outfit with a simple design.

Available in different colors, styles, and types, these shoes look very sleek and formal. Wearing socks along with these loafers is optional.

Dress boots

The dress boots refer to short leather boots that are classy and formal. Men usually wear these boots with uppers that cover the ankle. People wear these only during the daytime, using suede or canvas for their construction.

Sometimes they have toe caps and brogue seams that go along perfectly with business attires.

How to choose the correct type of formal shoe for yourself?

Choosing the correct type of formal shoe can be both easy and challenging. For the people who are well aware of the kinds of proper shoes and their taste in them, choosing one will not be difficult. But those who have confusion regarding what to buy, select something that will match your look.

  • If you are going for a plush and grandeur look, go for Oxford or derby shoes. They are incredibly stylish, classy and make you appear vintage. The Oxford and derby shoes are perfect for social gatherings and high-end formal occasions.
  • Those who prefer a contemporary and cheery vibe should opt for monk strap shoes or loafers. They are intermediate formal shoes and will go perfectly along with casual and formal outfits. The slugs and monk straps will match up to your cheery hues and make you look cool and contemporary.
  • The pump shoes are extremely formal, and for women, they look brilliant. These shoes with heels are very fashionable and look incredibly formal.
  • Boots are perfect for chilly weather and cocktail parties. They give off an edgy and sharp look and make you appear stylish and intelligent. Pulling them off can be a bit difficult for everyone, but if you can, then they are the best choice for a smart outfit.

Given above are the different formal shoe types. Pairing them with the right outfit is very important since they appear more formal.

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