20 Different Types Of Pants For Women – Trousers For Women

Types Of Pants For Women

You must have heard pants, no doubt! But it’s a broad term for this bottom covering garment for legs that is from waist to ankle separately unlike skirts and dresses. These pants are called slacks, trousers, or breaches depending upon the pants’ style, the period they were used, and the location in which they were worn. In the UK, pants are undergarments also. 

The basic parts of a pant include pleats, pockets, cuffs, fly, and trouser support. Pleats give you the form-fitting or comfort at the waist. Cuffs are the leg openings (bottom edge) of the legs which are rolled in and out as per style. The fly is the closure of the pants and trouser support is belts hoops etc. The number of Types of pants will come from the variations in the basic parts of pants, leg lengths, cuff widths, etc.

Types of pants - Parts of Pants

The basic styles of trousers and pants have evolved with time. And these bottoms have successfully become fashion statements for almost every woman. That is why we have compiled the top types of pants for women that are currently in trend. And don’t miss checking out other slacks for women, some types of tops, and types of boots for women to pick your style. 

Compilation Of Popular Types Of Pants For Women

Dress Pants

Dress pants are the most common types of pants which probably everyone owns or even wears to work every day. Women wear dress pants or suit trousers mostly for semi-formal or formal functions. These pants are generally made of expensive suiting material or woven materials and are more tailored compared to casual pants. Usually, dress pants have an opening in the front along with a zipper or buttons. Dress pants can be paired with different types of shirts, blouses, sweaters, or jackets to create a variety of stylish and professional looks. 

Dress up in dress pants for workplaces with a formal or business casual dress code (Check types of dress codes). Make a strong impression while giving presentations and job interviews with a polished look, by pairing your dress pants with a dress shirt and blazer. You can also go for special occasions, such as holiday parties, formal dinners, or cultural events where a more refined style is expected.


Jeans are the most widely worn pants anywhere in the whole world and are popular with both women and men. Types of jeans are available in varied ranges of colors, styles, and washes, fit such as high-waist jeans.

The most significant benefit of wearing jeans is that it goes well with everything, whether it is shirts or blouses, or simple T-shirts. For any event with a casual dressing style, jeans are a go-to option, just pair jeans with a nice top or shirt and slay in style and comfort.

Jeans are perfect for everyday casual wear. One can wear comfortable jeans for either a formal or casual look because nowadays jeans are made such that they can satisfy both looks. In some workplaces, jeans are acceptable as part of a casual or business casual dress code. But, check with your employer before surprising your colleagues.

A pair of Jeans are a popular choice among school students (school outfit ideas) for their comfort and versatility. They can be worn for classes, studying sessions, or campus activities.

Jeans are durable and provide a layer of protection and can withstand rougher terrains for various outdoor activities like hiking, camping, or picnics. 

Overalls Fashion / Jumpsuits / Dungarees 

Overalls or jumpsuits have a bodice along the waistline of the pants. The stitching line of the overalls is long as it starts from the neck and goes along the crotch line at the back and the front. Workers commonly wear overalls. Jumpsuits are also one of the favorites among children-wear also. 


Dungarees are a specific type of overalls made from denim fabric, while overalls can refer to a broader range of one-piece garments made from not just denim but also cotton or even more formal options for dressier occasions. Both have a bib front, and shoulder straps and usually have a loose and relaxed fit. The bib usually has patches or a pocket. These were basically workers’ clothes for protection but later turned into overalls fashion.

Jumpsuits are one-piece garments that combine a top and pants with a more tailored or fitted design. Jumpsuits are made with a variety of fabrics, including cotton, linen, silk, or synthetic materials. They come in different styles, such as wide-leg jumpsuits, culotte jumpsuits, or form-fitting jumpsuits which can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Check out types of jumpsuits.


The French word culotte is panties, pants, knickers, trousers, or shorts (types of shorts). Usually, culottes are knee-length or a little longer. Culottes typically fall between the knee and calf, creating a wide-legged silhouette. Culottes or Capri are pants three-fourths length. The cuffed hem of this type of pants falls below the knees at mid calves resembling a skirt or pair of shorts. 

Culottes can be worn for casual or formal occasions based on the fabric, design, and style. Like cotton or linen Culottes with casual tops for comfortable casual outings and Silk or Satin Culottes with a dressy blouse or fitted top for dressier events. And not to forget Culottes have a thing for summers, go on a summer vacation in lightweight fabrics of linen or rayon in Culottes. Culottes tend to have a more dramatic and statement-making effect due to their wide and flowing nature. 

Cropped PantsCropped Pants

Cropped pants are casual or relaxed styles of bottoms and are usually shorter than culottes and the leg opening end between the ankle and mid-calf. These pants are generally more tailored and fitted with a streamlined and modern look in different fits including straight, tapered, or wide-leg.

They are suitable for everyday wear and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. 

Just like culottes, cropped pants also have a thing for summer events like outdoor parties, barbecues, or festivals. Ensure you’re wearing cropped pants in lightweight fabrics paired with flowy blouses.

Harem Pants

Harem pants are well-known for their ultimate comfort and are pretty stylish arguably. They gather and collect at the waist and ankles. Elastic bands or waistbands with drawstrings hold the gathering together. These pants can be silky or loose-fitting. Do you know? Women started wearing pants in the 20th century with loose-fitting, wide-leg trousers for women called harem pants.

Baggy Pants

Baggy pants are usually loose-fitting pants, oversized clothes fashion. Harem pants are one of the examples of baggy pants. Baggy jeans are also one of the famous examples of baggy pants.

Bell Bottoms/Flared Pants

Bell bottoms or flared pants are fit at the waist hips and thighs and spreads from the knees. Boot-cut jeans are a type of bell bottoms. The flare in this type usually starts from the knees to the ankles.


Leggings are very tight-fitting; leggings are generally made of fabrics like denim, Lycra, or cotton. They usually go well with a sizeable flowing blouse, and they are typically worn on more casual occasions. There are many types of leggings like treggings which look like trousers and jeggings, which look like jeans with small details. 


Tights are pants that most people confuse with leggings and call them by the same name. But there is a small difference between leggings and tights. Although designers make tights of the same material as leggings, tights extend such that it covers the foot as well.

Punk Pants

Punk pants are pants with lots of pockets and stitching lines that are there for decorative purposes and usually don’t have any functional purpose. Among the younger generation, these pants are very famous, and the style differs with the year.

Stirrup Pants

Stirrup pants are very similar to leggings. The one difference between leggings and stirrup pants is that they have a linking strap that goes under the foot holding the pants in place almost like a belt.

Cargo Pants/ Carpenter Pants

Cargo pants or carpenter pants are pants with different types of pockets or additional pockets than the ones on traditional pants and are usually present halfway down the pant legs. These types of cargo pants commonly have more than four pockets and extra hoops or hammer loops under the main pockets.

Fatigue Trousers

Fatigue pants are military-like pants that imitate the original trousers worn in the Vietnam War by American Military. These pants have details like zip fly with inner drawstrings, and button closure cargo pockets in camouflage fabric.

Stovepipe Pants (Drainpipe Trousers)

Stovepipe pants or drainpipe pants are the terms that refer to the fitting silhouette of the pants. It looks similar to skinny jeans. These pants are very slender-fitting pants. They are usually ankle length by design

Peg-Leg Pants | Pegged Pants

Peg-leg pants are relax-fitting pants with cropping and narrow leg. These pants taper and become fit at the ankle where it ends. There are darts present at the legs to make the pants slim fitting.

Trousers cut full in the waist and thigh area, and tapering to a cuff or gather at the ankle. Some pegged pants include a full cuff with buttons; others simply gather around an elastic band.

Toreador Pants    Toreador Pants

Toreador pants are short and close-fitting and end just under the knee, near the calf. The name of the pants is Toreador because these pants resemble the pants worn by Spanish bullfighters.

Toreador pants, also torero pants or bullfighter pants are tight-fitting trousers that taper down the legs and end in a flared shape at the ankles. The pants are made of lightweight and durable material, such as satin or silk, for easy movement.

Traditionally, toreador pants are part of a, matador outfit or bullfighting outfit, which completes with a decorated jacket, a waistcoat, a shirt, a necktie, a hat, and proper footwear. The whole dress embodies the bravery, skill, and cultural significance of bullfighting.

Eastern Pants

        Eastern Pants

Eastern pants have a drawstring or elastic waists with big flares at the leg. Some examples of Eastern pants are salwar pants, Patiala pants, and dhoti pants.

Jodhpur Pants        Jodhpur Pants

Jodhpur pants were initially designed for horse riding purposes and now became a fashionable alternative to regular trousers in equestrian style with unique design and heritage.

These are high-waist pants with stirrup straps and the legs spread out at the thighs and narrow down into a tight fit below the knee. This design allows for ease of movement and prevents the fabric from bunching up while riding. One more feature of Jodhpur pants is its stirrup straps, which are especially useful when wearing tall riding boots.

Jodhpur pants get their equestrian fashion improved with decorative buttons, pleats, or contrast stitching, adding to their visual appeal. 


Chinos are trousers with a timeless and classic appeal, made from chino cloth which is a twill fabric, originally made of 100% cotton. Today it is also found in cotton-synthetic blends.

These trousers look great for casual occasions, and depending on the dress code they can also be good workwear. The breathable twill fabric makes it a comfortable choice for outdoor activities and long flights.  

The khaki chinos are the most common and favorite pick for most men. Color options of chinos make them all desirable in more neutral tones like beige, navy, or gray for a more, or opt for bolder colors like burgundy or olive to add a touch of personality to your outfits.

And there are sweatpants (types of sweatpants), a casual variety of soft trousers intended for comfort or athletic purposes, although they are now worn in many different situations. Khakis are different pants in khaki color, check out types of khaki pants. Like you’ve seen a few pants listed above in khaki color.

We have researched and listed some of the most in-demand types of women’s pants and trousers in this article. This article will help you to choose the right bottom to wear for your every occasion. Hope you find the right pair of pants and steal every stare wherever you go. 

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