Types Of Piercings (List Of Piercings With Pictures) – Types Of Face Piercings

Types Of Piercings (List Of Piercings With Pictures) – Types Of Face Piercings

Piercings are quite common and popular styling options to style yourself or showcase your personality. There are different types of face piercings and here is an article with descriptions and details about different types of piercings, styling tips, and a list of piercings with pictures for your reference. We hope this article about types of piercings with pictures helps you to choose a suitable piercing for you. Also, these in detail articles on types of nose piercings, types of ear piercings, types of lip piercings will help you better in choosing your style.

Types Of Piercings

Facial piercings are the most common piercings. Therefore, the classification of piercings in the article below is based on different types of facial piercings. We will add other types of piercings like navel piercings, dermal piercings, etc. to the article eventually. Make sure to check out all the types of facial piercings with pictures and choose one from them if you wish to have a piercing.

1. Lip Piercings

Lip piercings are the current trend to follow if this is not your first ever piercing. This is one of the best face piercings ideas and there is no such thing called suitable lip piercing jewelry. There are different types of lip piercing jewelry like a captive bead ring, lippy loop ring, curved barbell, horseshoe, spiral barbel, flat back labret, etc.

Each of them is suitable for different types of lip piercings. For example, a flat back stud is suitable for Ashley lip piercing, a curved barbell is suitable for a jestrum lip piercing, etc. However, each one of the lip piercings is different, there are types of lip piercings. Here is an image showing different lip piercings with a flat back labret stud. Check them out!

Lip Piercings

2. Horizontal Eye Brow Piercing

A horizontal eyebrow piercing involves two piercings on a horizontal line right above the eyebrow. Although there are many eyebrow piercings for guys, this type of piercing is one of the best choices among many types of eyebrow piercings. The suitable horizontal eyebrow piercing jewelry is a curved barbell or a straight barbell.

For instance, here is an image showing a horizontal eyebrow piercing with a straight barbell. Well, you will not be able to shape your eyebrows if you are a woman and conscious about your eyebrow shape at once!!

Horizontal Eyebrow Piercing

3. Third Eye Piercing

A third eye piercing is a piercing right on the third eye spot of a person. This is one of the most unique types of piercings amongst different forehead piercings and other dermal piercings. The third eye piercing jewelry is a dermal stud, a micro dermal stud if you wish to have a single forehead piercing. Also, you can use a surface barbell or a curved barbell if you want two piercings on the forehead. For example, here is an image showing the third eye piercing with a dermal stud. Check this out!!

Third Eye Piercing

4. Cheek Piercings

Cheek piercings are unique and different and crazy!! The dermal cheek piercing is a piercing on the cheek using a dermal stud. For example, here is an image showing a cheek piercing. There are many facial piercings and this one is the quirkiest and most stylish. Some call it a bizarre style trend and some call it a style statement. Well, the choice of getting a cheek piercing depends on the face structure and the cheekbones for making it worthy to get a piercing!!

Cheek Piercings

5. Eyebrow Piercing

There are many types of face piercings for guys and guys love all of them. However, a lot of women also choose to have an eyebrow piercing as a style statement due to its stylish and free-spirited look. An eyebrow piercing is one of them. Eyebrow piercings are quite popular these days and here is an image showing an eyebrow piercing as an example.

The procedure of eyebrow piercing involves puncturing two holes on the upper and lower sides of the eyebrow. The suitable eyebrow piercing jewelry is a curved barbell or a straight barbell. Like any other type of piercing, the healing time for an eyebrow piercing is around 3 to 4 months. Well, you will not be able to do your eyebrow shaping till it fully heals.

Eyebrow Piercings

6. Eyeball Piercing

Ever heard of an eyeball piercing? Well, an eye Piercing is technically not a piercing that involves literally puncturing your eyeball. An eyeball piercing is a process of implanting a piece of jewelry with good quality metal right under the first layer of your eyeball. This type of piercing requires extra care and professional supervision at regular intervals of time after your implant.

The eyeball piercing or the eyeball jewelry implant is the costliest of all eye-piercing types. For instance, the eyeball piercing performed by a surgeon at Park Avenue back then cost $3000. Well, a lot of people call it a bizarre trend and some called it a fashion statement and a status symbol as the jewelry is mostly the highest quality of platinum. Take a look at the picture as a reference.

Eyeball Piercings

7. Anti-Eyebrow Piercing

An anti eyebrow piercing is the mirror image of a horizontal eyebrow piercing in terms of angle, placement, and distance from the eyebrow. The suitable anti eyebrow piercing jewelry is a curved barbell or a straight barbell. The healing time for a dermal anti eyebrow piercing is around 6 to 8 months. Also, you can consider having a single anti eyebrow piercing if you wish to have only one piercing. For example, here is an image showing an anti eyebrow piercing.

Anti Eyebrow Piercings

8. Bridge Piercing

A bridge piercing is a type of nose piercing that is unique and stylish. This nose piercing involves making two holes on a vertical line right on the bridge of the nose. The suitable bridge piercing jewelry for this type is a straight barbell. However, a curved barbell or any other piercing jewelry is not ideal for a bridge piercing.

The bridge piercing healing is around 2 to 3 months. A bridge piercing with spectacles isn’t a problem at all. For example, here is an image showing a bridge piercing. Choose a spectacle design with the nose pads falling right under the bridge piercing.

Bridge Piercings

9. Dimple Piercing

Though a dimple piercing is quite similar to a cheek piercing, there is a difference!! This type of piercing is a hole right in the dimple. The suitable dimple piercing jewelry is a dermal stud. For example, here is an image showing a dimple piercing. Check it out as a reference.

Dimple Piercings

10. Nose Piercings

A nose piercing is the best type of piercing for beginners amongst many types of piercings. There are different types of nose piercing jewelry like nostril studs, nose bone stud, straight barbell, nose hoop, curved barbell, etc. Each of them is suitable for different nose piercings like nostril piercings, bridge piercings, septum piercings, etc, respectively.

The most common types of nose piercings are nostril piercings, nasallang piercings, and septum piercings. For example, here is an image showing different types of nose piercings. Check them out and choose one from them if you are planning to get a piercing. Like any other piercing, the nose piercing healing time is around 2 to 3 months.

Nose Piercings

11. Ear Piercings

There are different types of ear piercings like rook ear piercings, snug ear piercings, cartilage piercings, orbital ear, tragus piercing, etc. Also, there are different types of ear piercing like a captive ring, a straight barbell, or a curved barbell. For instance, each one of them is suitable for different types of ear piercings like cartilage, industrial piercing, and daith piercing respectively.

There are different ear piercings for men as well. Among those ear piercing types a lobe piercing, or a helix piercing is best suitable. For example, here is an image showing all types of ear piercings. Check them out, types of ear piercings and we are sure that you will be able to choose one from them!!

Ear Piercings

What’s the most popular piercing?

The number one spot in our most common piercings list is the nostril/nose piercing. Sitting snugly to one side of your nose this piercing can be worn with both studs and hoops in varying sizes.

What piercing helps with anxiety?

The Daith piercing is an increasingly popular option to treat migraines, anxiety, and some other symptoms. However, this is not a proven fact.

Which piercing heals the fastest?

The fastest healing is the inner labia (4-6 weeks), clitoris and/or hood (4-6 weeks), fourchette (6-8 weeks) and Princess Albertina (4-6 weeks). The longest is the outer labia (3-6 months) and Christina (6-9 months).

What is the least common piercing?

Uncommon piercings may be more costly due to the fragile nature of the procedures. A few more uncommon piercings are eyeball piercings, dermal piercings (pictured to the left), corset piercings, some genital piercings, uvula piercings, bridge piercings, and anti-eyebrow piercings (the latter two are pictured above).

What is a good first piercing?

In the event you don’t have this already, though, the earlobe is a great place to start. Often considered one of the least painful locations to be pierced, the earlobes can be a way to ease into the piercing lifestyle.

What are the most popular piercings for a girl?

Belly button piercings are by far the most popular type of piercing for women, with an estimated 33% of pierced women having at least one belly button piercing.

What is the most common piercing to get infected?

Of all the body sites commonly pierced, the navel is the most likely to become infected because of its shape. Infections can often be treated with good skin hygiene and antibiotic medications.

Does a belly button or nose piercing hurt more?

If you’ve got your ear or nose cartilage pierced before, that type of piercing usually hurts more than a belly button piercing.

Do needle piercings heal faster?

Piercings done with a needle are likely to heal faster than those done with a piercing gun.

We hope this article on types of piercings with pictures helps you choose the right kind of piercing as a beginner. The article talks about a detailed explanation of piercings, their placement, healing time, etc. Some of the most popular piercings like nostril piercings, ear piercings, and lip piercings are included in the list. Also, some of the unique and stylish options like cheek piercings, dimple piercings are also there. Make sure to check them out and make the right choice!!

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