Vintage Tea Party Ideas (Tips For A Perfect Tea Party)

Vintage Tea Party Ideas

Vintage tea parties call for a peaceful social gathering. Usually held during sunset hours, these tea parties are a perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Vintage tea party ideas include aesthetic vintage decor, delicious food items, and a dash of entertainment to top it off. Setting up a vintage tea party can be overwhelming.

They need a lot of detailing and hence require your time and effort. Many are unaware of the different vintage tea party ideas. Therefore, this article will highlight the decor and food items and share some special tips to make your tea party a perfect occasion.

Ways to set the mood for the tea party:

Choosing a specific idea from the vintage tea party is not enough. You need to do more things to host a proper vintage tea party. Before giving out the invitation, make sure to have a proper setup for your vintage tea party.

Choose the tea party type

First, decide on the type of tea party you are planning. It can be afternoon tea, high tea, cream tea, etc. After deciding on the type of tea party, make certain to have some good quality tea. You can even get vintage tea to match your theme.

high tea

Tea party setting

Choose the right setting. You can host the party outdoor if the weather is suitable. It will give your tea party a delicate and romantic feel, and the natural setting will be extremely calming. You can even arrange a shed if the weather is too sunny.

outfoor tea party

Indoors Or Outdoors

Having a tea party in nature will help you to be at peace and create a stronger connection with your loved ones. If you want it to be indoors, then that is fine as well. Use proper decor for the vintage look but keep it simple. It would be interesting to ask your guests to dress in vintage outfits for a more realistic feeling.

Indoor vintage tea party


Arrange your furniture properly and create a conversation space for your guests as well. Be aware of the important tea party etiquettes. Since you are the host, make certain that you serve the tea and other food items properly.

Use vintage crockery for serving tea and food. Mismatch the cups and plates for a better look.

vintage tea party furniture

Handwritten Invitations

Do not send out invites online or through text. Create handwritten invitations and send them through posts. It is extremely vintage and feels very warm and beautiful. You can even ask someone to design vintage invitations for you, and you can send them to your loved ones as well.

Also, make sure your guest list includes people you really have a connection with. Since these tea parties are very calm and subtle, calling people who create unnecessary drama will not be appropriate.

Handwritten Invitations

Things to consider for the vintage tea party:

Setting the mood for the party is not the only thing that you need to work on. Apart from that, you also need to have proper d cor, food items, and other things for your tea party. Therefore, some important items include:


It is needless to say that everything needs to look vintage and feel vintage in a vintage tea party. Therefore, a certain type of d cor is required. That includes:

vintage tea party Decor


Setting up a table in a tea party is the main process. The table needs to look extremely neat and beautiful. Therefore, placing tablecloths is a must before putting any items on the table.

Use white or pastel-coloured tablecloths to cover your tables. You can even use tablecloths with lace since they look very classy and beautiful.

vintage tea party Tablecloths


Ensure to make use of a bunch of flowers. The more the flowers, the better the atmosphere. They will make your surroundings look very cute and vintage-y. If possible, use vintage vases to store your flowers and have a flower centrepiece in the middle.

vintage tea party flowers

Vintage crockery

Use fine china cups and plates to serve your tea and other food items. If you don’t have fine china, then also there’s nothing to worry about. You can also use any kind of floral tea set since even that looks pretty classic and vintage.

vintage tea party Vintage crockery

Old classic books and paper lanterns

Try keeping old classic books to decorate your surroundings and give them a vintage look. Hang paper lanterns and use very subtle and dim lighting. If you can, arrange the tea party at a place that gives off classic English vibes.

Old classic books and paper lanterns

Food items for a vintage tea party:

In a tea party, food items are a must. Some of the most popular and widespread elements are:


The main item in a tea party has to be tea. Ensure to have a variety of good quality tea since your guests may prefer different kinds of tea. Have at least one type of decaf tea or herbal tea since everybody may not be comfortable with caffeine. You may also add vintage tea like Earl Grey or classic English breakfast tea since your theme will be vintage.



Items like milk, lemon, sugar, etc., are optional items that you must keep along with your tea. Your guests may want to include these in their tea, depending on the type of tea they are consuming.


Scones and cupcakes

Scones and cupcakes are very popular tea party servings. Be it vintage or regular, and they are perfect for every type of tea party. Make sure to have a good range of variety since only one type may become boring. You can even keep extra decorative items and let your guests decorate their own cupcakes.

Scones and cupcakes

Arrival treats

Keep light and cool drinks for your guests as arrival treats. This will help them to relax a bit and feel fresh. You can even offer them some light cookies along with the drinks.

Arrival treats

Tea party games

Just conversing among yourselves can become a bit boring and dull. Plan some exciting and fun tea party games as well. Indulge yourselves in games and ask everyone to participate. You can play tea party bingo, musical chairs, Pictionary, etc.

Tea party games

Vintage tea party ideas are always worth it. They lighten up your mood and strengthen your relationship with your loved ones. So, if you are feeling low or one of your loved ones is, think about throwing a vintage tea party to cheer everyone up.

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