Wedding Ring Alternative

Various alternatives instead of a wedding ring

Nowadays, not everyone wants to get rings for their weddings. Couples these days are pretty adventurous, and hence they want to do something unique for their wedding. Exchanging rings is ubiquitous, and finding an alternative can be quite a headache.

But not to worry, since we have made a list of a bunch of stuff that you and your partner can use as wedding ring alternatives.


Getting a tattoo nowadays is highly fashionable, and if you get it as an alternative to your wedding ring, it’s very cool. Many different choices of tattoos are available for you and your partner as well. It is trendy, and many couples love to do this instead of rings.

If you both want, get a tattoo on your ring fingers and make it look like rings, or get tattoo bracelets on your wrists. Getting tattoos with each other’s names or a particular date will also forever remind you both why you love each other and choose to be together.


Wearing rings to symbolize someone’s wedding may not everyone wants. Instead, wearing matching necklaces sounds much more impressive. Chains stay near your and your partner’s heart and tell the marriage. Getting the right necklace is also essential since getting something heavy and full of design may become a bit too much.

Get yourself something simple and beautiful that will look classy as well. You both can even customize your necklaces and engrave each other’s names or something symbolic of each other on the ring.


One of the popular alternatives to a wedding ring is matching bracelets. They are highly classy and symbolize your wedding. Bracelets make your wrists look pretty, and getting matching ones to complement your partner reminds you of them as well. They are available in silver, gold, platinum, and even leather.

You both can get the one you find convenient along with your favorite designs. Customizable bracelets are also available to add little extra details and choose the stones or beads you want. Infinity bracelets symbolize eternal love, and getting those is also a good choice.


Everyone loves watches, so getting a pair of them instead of wedding rings is unique. A set of spectacular lookouts will make your wrists look beautiful and symbolize your togetherness. You both can get colors like blue, white, rose gold.

One can get both expensive and inexpensive watches according to their convenience. You both can even get matching pair of eyes if you want. They are not only fancy but also help you know the correct time.

Wedding certificates

Wedding certificates are vital for every couple. They are proof of their love and unity. So, therefore, framing this certificate instead of getting a wedding ring may be a little more fun. You will also prepare your bond and love symbol by framing the diploma.

Please choose a unique frame and display it in your house or anywhere you want. A wide range of frames is available, each having a different color, material, pattern, style, and design. Both of you can even customize your frame and add in the little details you want.

Vow booklets

Vows are one of the essential parts of the wedding. They complete the wedding and allow you to make promises to each other that you will keep like promises of loving each other, trusting each other, supporting and respecting each other. They make up a wedding, and without them, a wedding is incomplete.

Hence, if you don’t want to do wedding rings, frame your vows. Choose a frame you both love and frame the vows you made to one another. It is highly romantic, beautiful, and symbolic.

Mugs with unique prints

For those who love drinking coffee or tea, get yourselves matching mugs instead of rings. They are cute, tiny, and do not cost much. You both can even engrave each other’s name or something that you love about each other on the mug and use them.

Since we are provided with a wide variety of colors and styles available, getting the one that matches both of your tastes won’t be tough.

Matching wallets

Exchanging rings at a wedding is something that everyone does. If you are willing to do different things, get matching wallet cards for you and your partner. They are helpful, practical, and will remind you of your togetherness. Having matching wallets brings forth a sense of togetherness and makes your bond stronger.

If matching wallets are not your thing, you can even get matching wallet cards. Engrave a picture or something symbolic of each other or a special message on the cards and keep them with you all the time. 


Getting one or more than one bottle of wine at your wedding instead of wedding rings sounds pretty romantic. Well, it is. If you like to enjoy or love to drink and enjoy wine with your partner, this alternative is just for you.

Get yourself bottles of wine and enjoy your special day in your unique way.

The wine can be expensive, depending on your taste and preference. You can even store one bottle each year and drink it the following year to celebrate your togetherness. 

Other unique methods that one can follow instead of getting a wedding ring

  • Don’t go for rings and instead, go on a holiday to your favorite destination. Getting rings for a wedding is quite expensive and hence save that up for this. Make memories together and enjoy to the fullest.
  • Plant tree saplings of your favorite plants together. Plant them somewhere close to your house or even in your garden if you have one, and watch them grow alongside your relationship.
  • Getting wedding rings is very costly, save money for future use. Securing your future is extremely important, and you can get rings later if you want. 
  • Mark those items from your bucket list and make them come true. If you have similar hobbies, then go and try them out together. If not, make your partner do something you love and vice versa. 

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