22 Simple And Easy Embroidery Designs To Start With

22 Simple And Easy Embroidery Designs To Start With:

Embroidery is the art of fabric stitching with the use of thread and needles, to make beautiful designs. These works also include beads and pearls to make the work more beautiful. You can gift these beautiful embroidery designs to others as well. Before you get into the following embroidery designs check out the basic types of hand stitches for better sewing skills.

1. Pretty Posy Welcome Embroidery Designs:

1. Pretty Posy Welcome Embroidery Designs

For creating welcome signs for your home, these pretty posy welcome designs are great to incorporate. The whole design can be worked with a handful of basic stitches which makes the design and the pattern very beautiful. These Embroidery Designs are perfect gifts as a housewarming party gift.

2. Fun Fruit Border Pattern:

Adding some fruity, colorful designs in your towels that can be used in the kitchen is what Fun fruit border patterns are. Because of the tiny sizes of fruits and flowers, it makes the stitching easy. Play with your imagination with colors to give the fruits different borders, making it attractive.

3. Vegetable Garden Embroidery Sampler:

These are one of the new embroidery designs to practice. The vegetable garden embroidery designs use 11 different stitches, and many of them are very complex. It is a very good design to learn as a skill as well as using it to make great for gifting it to a veggie-loving friend.

4. Home Sweet Home Pattern And Wall Hanging Project

If you want to decorate your wall with an embroidered handkerchief, then definitely go for Home sweet home designs. Any embroidery designs, maybe simple or a bit colorful, this type of embroidery design will be perfect for a hanging wall project.

5. Always Bee Mine Valentine Designs:

This design is a super sweet bee design in which a bee lover or a person who wants to celebrate their valentine can use it. One can also stitch words in these embroidery designs to express their feelings.

6. Stem Stitch Butterfly Embroidery Designs

Stem stitch butterfly pattern or design is a great stitch if someone is working in the stem stitch. This is one of the classic stitches. If you want to make some stitching for the occasion of spring or want to make a beautiful embroidery design in a child’s t-shirt or maybe a bag, it is a great choice. Only three stitches can do this design: French knots and detached chains for the details purpose and stem stitch for the other works.

7. Ice Cream Cone Mandala Pattern

Ice cream cones embroidered designs are a great choice for embroidery. Embroidery works of Ice cream cone mandala embroidery designs are colorful, simple yet funky. It is a relaxing design with continuous stitches, and adding different colors of ice cream borders makes it more interesting.

8. Seasonal Word Art Pattern Collection

For welcoming any seasons, may it be summer, winter, autumn, or spring, the different collection of Seasonal word art pattern embroidery designs is great? Each design shows different tiny features and patterns to show the essence of different seasons. This type of embroidery design can be done throughout the year.

9. Broderie Anglaise

This type of embroidery design is also called eyelet embroidery. This is an openwork weaving procedure like cutwork in which the texture is cut and afterward join are made on the design lines. Satin stitches and cutwork consolidate to create a wonderful open lace-like look to designs.

10. Fish Scale Embroidery

This embroidery utilizes sizes of fishes like goldfish or perch to fill embroidery designs. This embroidery is generally done on velvet and other rich fabric. The fish scale was arranged, and afterward, gaps are made at the base of each fish scale for it to be sewed on the different clothes.

11. Summertime Border and Corner Designs

If you are interested in adding summer theme designs as a fun embroidered edge motif, this summertime border, and corner designs are great. Maybe some stars, some ocean creatures, some frozen delights can be used in the pattern to your tablecloth which can be brought in the picnics.

12. Aari Work Embroidery Designs

This is a sort of chain stitch embroidery procedure that utilizes an aari hook to make chain join. The aari hook makes the chains join by getting the thread from the rear of the texture, making the circle of the chain stitch. This hook brings about quick chain stitching. The hook is additionally called a tambour hook or a Luneville hook. In India, this work is otherwise called Zalakdozi and is widely utilized in items made in Kashmir.

13. Zardosi Embroidery Designs

Zardosi is an extraordinary kind of metal thread that is formed like a winding cylinder. This is normally done on silk or velvet textures and was largely used by the royals of India. At present this work is progressively utilized in Indian garments, particularly wedding wear. The 3-Dimensional look of the raised metal threads and the sheen and radiance of the winding zardosi thread make this work stunning to use it in the sarees.

14. Cross Stitch Embroidery Designs

This is one of the popular thread embroidery designs in which x shaped stitches are made to fill the design. This is a very traditional work which can be used in the materials of khadi bags, clothes, etc.

15. Chikankari Embroidery Designs

This is an Indian adaptation of the shadow embroidery. This work includes plenty of different stitches other than the herringbone fasten like a crisscross stitch, pulled thread work, hitch stitch, and so on. The work is done on thin cotton texture with white weaving thread which makes the work very attractive.

16. Classic Sashiko Patterns

Gorgeous geometric designs can be made with the traditional style of Japanese embroidery designs of Sashiko. Once you master this design, different variations of running stitch can be continued in the Sashiko designs.

17. Huckaback Embroidery Designs

This is a sort of darned embroidery finished with silk floss on huckaback fabric; it is additionally called popcorn embroidery designs because of the shape of the design shaped which makes the clothes very unique.

18. Garden Bouquet Pattern For Ribbon Embroidery

Ribbon embroidery trying for the first time is a great one. The use of ribbon, along with other regular embroideries, makes the work very creative and attractive and leads to a spectacular result.

19. Sashiko Single Motifs And Frame


Sashiko embroidery designs can be overall work as well as individual motifs. When you want to make your work small, this is a great type of embroidery design. These simple single Sashiko patterns with the classic Japanese style with a border to make a frame can be used for designs.

20. Trio of Teacup Embroidery Motifs

If you find embroidery as your cup of tea, at that point this Trio of Teacup designs is ideal for you. Propelled by vintage teacups, the patterns look extraordinary sewed as an assortment or worked on their own. Use them to make exceptional materials for your next casual get-together or a tea party.

21. Bitty Baby Border Embroidery Designs

If you want to celebrate the arrival of the new baby, the Bitty Baby Border pattern is very much worthy of making. In these embroidery designs, there is a space in the center that can be used to stitch any words or maybe the name or date of birth of the baby, and the border will contain small motifs maybe including carriage, bottles, rattle, etc.

22. Redwork Chicken Weathervane Embroidery Pattern

If you want to bring a French Countryside to feel in your embroidery designs, Chicken Weathervane pattern is a great choice. It is a great choice for redwork embroidery, and it looks beautiful if stitched and used in any beautiful kitchen towel—a great design for the beginners to start with.

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