Flamboyant Natural Shopping Guide

Flamboyant Natural Shopping Guide

The Flamboyant Natural body type is characterized by sharp yang with a gentle yang undertone, and it is a blend of the bold, powerful physique with a free spirit.  ‍Here is a comprehensive flamboyant natural shopping guide for picking everything from head to toe.

A minor departure from the following characteristics is always conceivable and should not be regarded as a cause for concern as long as it does not disrupt the overall balance of yin and yang opposites with extra yang equilibrium.

Clothing Options for Flamboyant Natural Body Type


  • The dresses of Flamboyant Naturals should be sweeping. It’s preferable to have broad shoulders and a long waist.
  • They have a relaxed form and contour and can be very slim and slinky or broad and full cut.
  • Shirring, draping, appliqué, and other embellishments should be kept to a minimum and done in strong, abstract patterns.

dresses for flamboyant natural


  • Separates look fantastic on you and should make up the majority of your collection.
  • A mix-and-match appearance is great, but keep in mind that the foundation of your ensemble should always be a vertical line with powerful shoulders.
  • It’s extremely useful to combine textures in a creative way.


  • Skirts should be long and straight, but neither too long or too short.
  • Oversize, voluminous skirts with deep folds are acceptable as long as they are dramatic, wide in shape, and worn with large tops.
  • Short, straight skirts are fun and flirty, especially when paired with large shirts.

skirts for flamboyant natural

Tops and blouses

  • Blouses should be large and spacious, with minimal details and a relaxed fit.
  • The ideal cuts are wide and horizontal with unfettered necklines.
  • Camisoles are great for layering beneath jackets.

Tops and blouses for flamboyant natural

Tops and blouses for flamobyant natural


  • The pants should be big and roomy.
  • Styles that are slightly wider in structure.
  • Deep pleats, big pockets, and broad, soft cuffs, as well as pocket flaps and plackets, are all fantastic details.
  • Satiny evening trousers with a broad and generous cut are likewise a good choice.

pants for flamboyant natural

Evening wear

  • Shapes that are bold and have sweeping lines.
  • The emphasis is on the shoulders. Necklines that are simple.
  • Prints that are bold.
  • The fabric is glitzy, plush and extremely drapable (matte, jersey, etc.).

evening wear for flamboyant natural

Jackets and blazers

  • Long, unconstructed, and loose jackets and blazers are recommended.
  • The ideal cuts are those with a relaxed fit and big padded shoulders.
  • The length should be measured from the top of the thigh to the bottom (never shorter).
  • Jackets with large spacious pockets and simple double-breast designs are the finest.

Jackets and blazers for flamboyant natural

Accessories For Flamboyant Natural Body


  • Sweaters from Flamboyant Naturals should be long, spacious, and with an asymmetrical cut.
  • The greatest knits are thick, hefty, rough, or ultra plush.
  • Knits with long hair or scruffy textures are very appealing.
  • Patterns should be large and striking.
  • Last but not least, seek sweaters that fit your large shoulders.

sweaters for flamboyant natural


  • Unconstructed bags or large and well fitted bags are ideal.
  • Evening purses with a metallic box design are ideal.
  • Briefcases should have a strong structure and a moderate width to stylishly thin breadth.

bags for flamboyant natura'


  • Sashes, ties, metallics, ropes, and other unusual belts are ideal.
  • It is possible to use wide belts with exceptionally bold buckles (hand-carved, asymmetric, etc.).

belts for flamboyant natural


  • The shoes of Flamboyant Naturals should be fitted and angular, but with soft edges rather than sharp ones.
  • Flats might be plain and tidy or fitted and slightly edgy.
  • Evening sandals should be as bare as possible.

footwear for flamboyant natural


  • You must have bold, substantial objects in your collection.
  • Thick, rough, or asymmetrical chunky forms are always good.

jewelry for flamboyant natural

Hair And Makeup For Flamboyant Natural Body


  • You need to have loose, relaxed, and untangled hair at all times.
  • The ideal effect is a disheveled look, thus layering is a must.
  • If your hair is ultrafine, thin, and wispy, a shortish cut with layers around the face to create the appearance of volume would suit you best.


  • In line with your free-spirited freshness, your hair color should be rich and colorful!
  • If you go with artificial coloring, try to maintain the base of your hair as similar to your natural color as possible.
  • The greatest streaks and highlights are those that give you that “outdoorsy” shine.


  • Strongly accentuated cheekbones and a deep or bright lipstick will draw attention to your powerful bone structure and features.
  • Exotic eyes with a trace of color (even a little sheer frost) can add a hint of drama to your look, making you seem elegant.
  • If you like, you may venture considerably deeper into opaque frosts in the evening.

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