How To Distress Jeans – How to distress jeans with sandpaper, Iron on Patch & More

How To Make Distressed Jeans – 5 Different Ways

diy distressed jeans

If you are tired of your jeans which are old that you are wearing continuously with the t-shirt and want some changes in your jeans, which can be the best option other than distressed jeans. But the distressed jeans in the stores of malls have quite a high price which is tough to afford for everybody. But there is also a solution for it. Why not try these ‘do it yourself’ crafts for distressing your types of jeans easily at your home whichever way you like. Whatever the occasion is, whatever the style you want, express it, be creative with your crafts on your old jeans. You can quickly look cool and stylish with a refreshing look in your jeans and then pair it up whatever upper garments or shoes you want according to the theme of the occasion you are attending. Let’s get into the 5 easy ways to distress your jeans and be fashionable. Check out how to bleach jeans.

What Is Ripped Jeans?

Ripped jeans refer to a style of denim jeans that can feature tears, ripped knees, and other signs of distress. Originally, ripped jeans were just a sign of overuse. Instead of throwing away these faded or frayed jeans, poor or thrifty users would continue to wear them.

How To Make A Ripped Jeans – DIY Step By Step Tutorial

  1. Select A Jeans Or Shorts (How to fray jean shorts)
  2. Bring All The Supplies You Will Need
  3. Start Marking To Rip/Distress Them
  4. Start Ripping (Distressing)
  5. Finishing Touches

5 Ways To Make Ripped/ Distress Jeans:

1. How to make Ripped Jeans With Sandpaper

As a matter of first importance of how to distress jeans

What You Need: A chopping board, sandpaper, texture scissors

  • place a chopping board behind where you intend to tear, which guarantees you won’t harm the surface underneath – there’s nothing to suggest that ripped jeans are trending.
  • But, before you go splitting randomly, utilize a bit of sandpaper on the target area to extricate up the fibers.

For knee rips With Scissors:

Point a little over the knee when you’re going in with scissors, as tearing too low can make the opening higher when you walk, as you’ll incline toward them

  • Start with a little entry point, at that point, make it higher by tearing gradually with your fingers. Make sure to begin small. On the off chance that you tear a lot, there’s no returning.

Styling Ripped Jeans

For styling, attempt an Oxford shirt for some high-low contrast or on the other hand lean towards The Clash or Sex Pistols. Torn jeans work best with an exemplary classic biker coat, plain white T-shirt, and Dr. Marten’s eight eyelet boots.

If you want to pull off the Rock ‘n’ roll-inspired looks, these types of distressed jeans are perfect for it.

Level Of Difficulty can be said as 5 out of 10.

2. How to Put Patches In Jeans With Iron On Patch

As a matter of how to distress jeans, the second type of distressing is putting patches. Regardless of whether it’s fine band art, Gucci-Esque florals, or notable brand emblems, patches are an increasingly unusual approach to show your individuality as opposed to putting on a worn-out logo tee. Also, far better, patching is probably the least complicated approaches to distress your jeans.

What You Need: An iron, an iron-on patch, scrap texture.

  • Heat the denim before, with an iron for 30 seconds at that point in a place where you need the patch.
  • Spread out a slight bit of texture over the jeans (tea towel or T-shirt), so you don’t accidentally burn the patch.
  • Try not to utilize steam; however, instead go for a dry heat with a standard iron on a hard, dependable surface.
  • Iron equally around the patch for 90 seconds, turning your jeans back to front and repeating the strategy.
  • Cool for a few minutes and check all the edges are secure to your jeans.
iron on patch ripped jeans

Then wear them with different seventies works of art like a corduroy jacket or an over sized jumper. It is suitable for Repairing old denim, ripping a logo patch and be creative.

Level Of Difficulty can be said as 2 out of 10.

3. How To Fray The Hems | How To Fray Jeans

As a matter of how to distress jeans, the third type of distressing jeans is fray the hems.

What You Need: An iron, chalk, texture scissors, a tweezer. An optional need is cheddar grater

  • To start, iron your jeans to ensure every leg length is equivalent, at that point draw with chalk where you need to fray and gradually cut over that line with texture scissors (your facial hair scissors will make it excessively uneven).
  • After this, you’ll see horizontal and vertical threading – pull at the flat strings with a tweezer until you’ve arrived at the degree of distressing you need.
  • To additionally aggravate things, try going over the hem with a cheese grater.

Since you’ve presently transformed them into somewhat edited trousers, your shoe and sock game should be on point. Frayed hems lend themselves to a skater look – we’d suggest blending them with huge sneakers and white socks, with a layered sweat or and coach jacket up top.

frayed jeans

Cropped jeans that can display your kicks are a significant eye-catching element for your jeans which you should go for.

Level Of Difficulty can be said as 4 out of 10.

4. How To Add Paint Splatters To Jeans – Distress Jeans

As a matter of how to distress jeans, the fourth type of distressing jeans is adding splatters of paint.

What You Need: Newspapers, elastic gloves, a container, paint.

  • For this look, we’d propose utilizing some light wash jeans rather than darker colors as it looks more real and offers a superior canvas for the paint.
  • Lay your jeans on old paper, put on some elastic gloves, and prepare your picked color in a compartment that you want to paint in the jeans.
  • Make a clenched hand and flick the paint onto the jeans by quickly opening your hand toward them.
  • For greater splatters, flick near the denim.
  • For numerous, smaller spots, flick further away. 
paint splattering on light washed jeans

Your jeans honestly state everything here, so keep the remainder of your outfit genuinely insignificant with a white Oxford shirt or nonpartisan sweatshirt and Converse hi-tops. 

paint splatter jeans

What It’s Good For: Adding uniqueness to an otherwise dull and straightforward look, or, faux vibes of artists.

Level Of Difficulty can be said as 3 out of 10.

5. How To Bleach Into A Distress Jeans

As a matter of how to distress jeans, the fifth type of distressing jeans is bleaching them. This is the messiest of all ‘do it yourself’ denim. Check out more ways to bleach jeans.

What You Need: Newspapers, elastic gloves, a container, low arrangement dye. Optional: a paintbrush 

  • Spread out papers where you’ll be bleaching, which would ideally be close to your clothes washer (so you can toss them in straight after).
  • Jeans will bleach better if they’re soggy first, so give them a fast dip in your sink before wearing the elastic gloves for assurance.
  • Pour a low solution bleach into a container. Dunk in an old denim patch first to ensure you get the outcome you need. 
  • To bleach your jeans totally, plunge the denim in the bucket and leave for 20 minutes, moving them around sometimes to permit the solution to bleach equitably.
  • If you need a subtle, streaky look, utilize a paintbrush and touch.
  • In any case, lay your jeans on the paper for 5 minutes then flush them off in the sink, trailed by a cycle in the clothes washer with no cleanser and no different garments.
  • Air them outside to dry, and you’re finished. 
bleached jeans

You could look back to the ’60s with this vintage design and go full Midnight Cowboy with an earthy-colored suede jacket, reverse neckline shirt, and Chelsea boots. Or on the other hand, play it streetwear with sneakers and a tee or hoodie. 

What It’s Good for is Dramatic, differentiating, and contrasting denim.

Level Of Difficulty can be said as 7 out of 10.

What tool is used to distress jeans?

Probably the cheapest and most popular way of distressing jeans is by using sandpaper. This achieves a worn look without resorting to bleaching or making actual holes. Some denim gurus will recommend using a cheese grater, but sandpaper (particularly a sanding block) is cheaper and allows for finer scraping.

How do you make jeans look old and worn?

Can you use scissors to distress jeans?

Use a shaving razor or a pair of scissors to distress your jeans. If you want clean holes, cut horizontal lines across your jeans. If you want white threads to show, scrape the edge of the blade across the jean to expose white threads.

How do you Dremel jeans?

How do you distress jeans with a cheese grater?

How can I age my jeans at home?

So here are some tips to help you get that rockstar fade in record time.

  1. Break Out the Sandpaper. Sanding creates friction which breaks down fabric.
  2. Take a Bath in Them.
  3. Microwave Your Jeans. 
  4. Take a Razor to the Edges. 
  5. Rub Them with Coffee Beans.
  6. Vinegar to Keep Your Preferred Fade.

How do you distress the bottom of jeans?

How do companies make distressed jeans?

For that truly fashionable feel, the denim needs to be frayed around the rip. Manufacturers use various tools, from heavy-duty sandpaper to pumice stones, and until recently a process known as sandblasting, which involves fine sand being channeled into an air gun and then sprayed at high pressure on to the denim.

How do you fray jeans with tweezers?

How do you distress jeans with scissors and tweezers?

Make a slit with your scissors. The bigger the slit, the wider the hole will be. Open the top part of the slit and look closely until you see the white strings that go across & begin to pull them over with tweezers. After you’ve done the top and bottom strings, it’ll end up looking like this.

How do you rip jeans without sandpaper?

If you don’t have sandpaper, try to find a cheese grater, steel wool, pumice stone, or foot file for a similar effect.

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