T-Shirt Cutting Techniques – How To Cut A Shirt

How To Cut A Shirt | T-Shirt Cutting And Tying Techniques:

When you are in a position when you have full of old t-shirts in your wardrobe, but you no longer want to wear them as they are not in fashion, make those t-shirts into cool designs using the t-shirt cutting techniques which are all ‘do it yourself’ techniques at home quickly, steps on how to cut a shirt. Check out some oversized t shirt cutting ideas in different styles. If you’re not a fan of cutting up your oversized t shirts, here’s how to make an oversized t shirt cute without cutting.

Muscle Tee Cut Up:

sleeveless muscle tee cutting

Pick up an old t-shirt, cut the sides of the t-shirt all the way down and leave some 4-5 inches from below. You can decide the width of the shoulder strap you want and cut accordingly. Stretch your cuts so that the fabric doesn’t look like its cut unevenly. Check out how to cut a t-shirt into a tank top in detail.

Front Tie T-Shirt:

tying t shirt cutting

A cute way to cut a t-shirt will be to turn it around into a tie-up crop top that will instantly elevate your chic quotient.

  • Start with ripping the sleeves. If you are still unsure of how to cut the sleeves off the t-shirt evenly, then just take a marker and draw the cuts first. You can do the same for the hem and the neck.
  • Make those lines on your t-shirt as shown in the picture. Remember to cut the hem making that V-shape as shown in the picture.
  • One cut in the middle will render those tie-ups.

Cold Shoulder T-Shirt Cut Out:

cold shoulder t shirt

With cold shoulder tops being one of the hottest trends of the season. Opt to re-invent one of your old favorites instead of buying a new cold shoulder top. You need to just cut out the shoulders. We suggest you style it up further by wearing it the knotted way.

One Shoulder Tee Cut Off:

With cold shoulder tops being one of the hottest trends of the season. Opt to re-invent one of your old favorites instead of buying a new cold shoulder top. You need to just cut out the shoulders. We suggest you style it up further by wearing it the knotted way.

Give your old t-shirt a fresh one-shoulder look by t-shirt cutting techniques on one sleeve of the t-shirt from the shoulder portion to below the sleeve portion. A small strip of cloth will be there in the neck of the t-shirt and then the cut out which will make the t-shirt very casual. A go-to option of a t-shirt it is if you are going out with your friends.

Men’s T-Shirt Into Dolman Tee:

How to turn a baggy men t-shirt into a cool outing t-shirt by t-shirt cutting techniques is a must know.

  • Cut the neck of the t-shirt, making the neck a bit wider for the t-shirt like an off-shoulder style.
  • Now cut the below portions of the sleeves continuing to the bottom of the shirt on both sides.
  • Sew the cut portion from the side below of the t-shirt to the below part of the sleeves of both sides.
  • It will make the t-shirt a great Dolman style t-shirt.

Fringe Tee:

Again, a no-fuss DIY t-shirt cutting needs you to cut the bottom of the t-shirt infringes. The thickness of the fringe does not matter but, the thinner the fringe, the better they look.

Fringes are one of the popular ways of t-shirt cutting around the world. The fringes look very beautiful.

In the below of the t-shirt or wherever you are okay to show your skin mostly 14-15 inches from the waistline is okay to make fringes. Start drawing straight lines ½ inches apart from each other. Then cut out the fringes with t-shirt cutting techniques.

Wing Back Tee:

wing back tee

Using t-shirt cutting techniques, give t-shirt design in the back of the t-shirt, which will make you look very edgy yet casual.

  • First, cut the back portion of the t-shirt into a square with the lower part of the square attached to the t-shirt.
  • Accumulate the two ends of the square together and join that portion with the back-neck part of the t-shirt and finely sew it.
  • It will give a butterfly look in the back portion of the t-shirt.

Lace Tee:

Lace is a type of fabric or material which can give a t-shirt kind of a feminine look.

You can cut-out the t-shirt along the lines from the top edge of the sleeves if you want to add lace in the shoulder or the sleeve portion of the t-shirt.

In case you want to add laces in the mid-portion of the tee, cut the front mid-portion of the t-shirt in a triangular shape, the narrow part in the neck portion, and the broader part of the triangle in the lower portion of the t-shirt.

In the cut-out portion, sew the laces whichever style you want to attach. The lace should be of appropriate length and width. You can also cut the sleeves in half to make the t-shirt more fashionable using t-shirt cutting techniques.

Cut Out Tee:

Just like the look in the cold shoulder t-shirts that are cutouts in the shoulder portions only, those cutout designs you can make inside the t-shirt below the neck portion of the t-shirt. The cutouts will be alongside the neck portion in polygons or maybe diagonal shaped.

Draw the part which you want to cut out with chalk beforehand. That is how you can give a fresh design with t-shirt cutting techniques.

Cut Into Wrap Top:

Tie Up Sleeves Pattern Tee:

A diagonal cut out portions in your long-sleeved t-shirts using t-shirt cutting techniques can be an eye-catchy look.

Take a t-shirt in which you want to do this ‘Do it yourself’ craft. Cut the sleeves of the t-shirt diagonally like triangles. The loose ends have to be tied with each other giving a creative yet fresh look in the t-shirt—an excellent option for a casual daylight summer outing.

Your old t-shirt using t-shirt cutting techniques and convert it into workout t-shirts.

Make a workout t-shirt, cut the t-shirt in the sleeves portion and neck portion, and make it like a tank top t-shirt. Cut slightly along the below part of the t-shirt giving it a slight crop top feel.

Attach a long and thin piece of cloth and join the two sleeves in the back portion of the t-shirt. Make sure the fabric is tightly joining the sleeves in the back.

Blade Cut Heart Tee:

basic white tee into chic top

Cutouts can be of different designs and patterns using t-shirt cutting techniques. Make a design of the heart before in the back portion of the t-shirt like a heart with lines or fringe lines that need to be cut. Then cut out carefully with a blade or scissors only the marked parts not making the back wholly open but as a cutout design inside the heart. Slay the back of the t-shirt with this look.

Neckline Blade Cut Tee:

Make straight lines in the top of the t-shirt with gaps between one line to another with chalk. Then cut the portions carefully with a blade or a scissor giving the t-shirt a great neckline cut-out design. You can also make the t-shirt sleeveless.

Ragged Style:

Ragged Old Sweater:

How do you cut a Tshirt to make it cute?

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