Oversized T Shirt Cutting – How To Cut An Oversized T-Shirt – How to make a big shirt cute?

Oversized T Shirt Cutting Ideas | How To Cut An Oversized T-Shirt | How to make a big shirt cute?

Oversized T-shirts are often ignored as outdoor wear and end up getting used as pajamas instead. Get those oversized clothes trend out of the lower drawers of your cupboard and give them the makeover they deserve. In case, you still want to use those oversized shirts as is, here’s how to wear oversized shirts. Or, read on to see the top types of clothing you can make out of oversized T-shirt cutting. There are quite a number of methods you can use to up-cycle an oversized tee that may end up in the trash bin. Here are some oversized t shirt cutting ideas, how to cut an oversized t-shirt and how to make a big shirt cute.

Choker Neck Oversized Tee: 

Instead of worrying about what neckpiece to wear with your attire, let your T-shirt act as a choker. One of the most effortless cutting techniques is used to make the choker T-shirt.


For making this, you need an oversized T-shirt that closely fits the neck. Other than that, you need a marker and a scissor. Draw a V shape using a marker, leaving some border to act as the choker. Then cut out the marker area and stretch it out, and your choker neckline top will be ready.

Cold Shoulder And Fringe Detailed Tee: 

This is another trendy T-shirt cutting technique that you can try at home in Cold Shoulder And Fringe Detail.


All you need is an oversized T-shirt (in this picture, the girl uses a cold shoulder cut T-shirt) and scissors. Cut the fringes at the end of the T-shirt and that too in a straight line, preferably. Tie the knots with those fringes gradually, and your fringe top is ready to knack up your style. 

How To Cut A Big T Shirt Into A Tank Top?

You can easily make a stylish tank top from a T-shirt without the need for sewing.


To make this, you need an oversized T-shirt (preferably not see-through), scissors, a ribbon, pins, and fabric glue.

  1. Start by cutting off both sides’ sleeves, from about an inch below your armpit to up to your neck.
  2. Then cut the collar for creating a more comfortable neckline (you can either cut on the original seam line or go lower if you want).
  3. Cut the back of the T-shirt, as shown in the picture.
  4. After that, pinch and hold the two sides at the armpit to wrap using the ribbon.

After the material is banded and the edges are pinned and glued, tie a knot with the ribbon. Voila! You have a tank top ready to flaunt. 

Sleeveless Low Arm Cut Vest: 

The process of cutting this T-shirt is the same as the last technique. Here you have to use a longer T-Shirt so it is best to use a men’s T-Shirt of XL size or a size that will suit your figure. 


For making this vest, you will also need to cut the sleeves longer than the last one for more skin exposure. This vest will be perfect for people who are into sports or dance or for those who are searching for a better gym wardrobe.

Side Knot Sleeveless Tank Top: 

This T-shirt cutting technique is pretty self-explanatory, yet for the ease of readers, we will provide the process of making this. For this, you need an average size or maybe a slightly oversized T-Shirt and scissors.


Cut the entire sleeves off (both sides) and extend the cut from the armpit region to the end of the T-Shirt (vertically). The T-Shirt will look as if the sides are torn, hence tie the ends of the cut T-Shirt as shown in the picture, and you will have a great side knot sleeveless T-shirt to go perfectly with for your sports bras.  

Front Knot Sleeveless Top: 

Ever wondered about making a tank top with a front knot out of your old T-shirt? Well, you can make this without having to learn sewing. All you have to do is follow the instructions shown in the pictures, and you will have a great outfit out of old closet junk with the help of a few quick cuts. This tank top will look great on teenagers and match well with your skinny jeans or short skirts. 


How To Make An Oversized T Shirt Into A Dress

T-shirt dresses are in trend for a few years now. Instead of buying a new dress from the market, you can use your old oversized T-shirt to make a dress yourself.

Lace Detailed T-Shirt Dress: 

You require a long T-shirt, scissors, a long piece of lace (for borders), a needle, and thread to make this dress. Sew the broad lace strip to the end hem of your T-shirt as well as to the hem of your sleeves, as shown in the pictures. The lace will make the dress look very elegant, and you can add a belt to your outfit to enhance the look. 

Cute Cut-Out Summer Dress: 

You can DIY this dress if you own a slightly longer T-shirt that you wish to modify.


For making this dress, you need a long length T-shirt, scissor, needle, and thread.

  1. Place the tee flat on the floor or on your preferred setup.
  2. Cut the tee into two at the crop top length from the top.
  3. Slit the center front and joint the ends forming a loop as shown.
  4. Then, slit the center front of the bottom half.
  5. Take one end from above and the other end from the below of the loop of the top half.
  6. Stitch the ends, make sure the stitch is hidden behind the wrong side.

This flirty summer dress is perfect for staying cool on sunny days.

How To Cut A Large T Shirt To Make It Smaller

Oversized Tee into Lattice T-Shirt: 


To make the Lattice T-shirt, you need a T-shirt of your choice, ruler or tape, marker or chalk, and studs. Start by drawing lines on the sleeves of the T-shirt. Cut along the lines marked, just like it is shown in the image. Add studs to hold on to the stripes of fabric and create a pattern out of the vertical stripes. You can also detail the T-shirt’s end by tying a knot like it is shown in the picture. The finished look will be bold and attractive for you to flaunt in college or on a movie night. 

Side Tide T-Shirt: 

As you can see in the photos, a very simple T-shirt can be turned into a trendy and bold knot detailed T-shirt.


To make the knots, you need a casual wear T-shirt along with a sharp pair of scissors. Cut the sides of the T-shirt (as shown in the photos) and tie the edges cut on both sides with each other. Once all you are done tying all, then you are ready to rock your attire. This T-shirt making requires no sewing hence makes the task a child’s play. 

How do you cut an oversized T-shirt?

Most of the T-shirt cutting techniques we described in this article are easy to execute. By following the clothing transformation process rightly, you will get striking results to pump up your style game like never before. And the best about DIY T-shirt making is that it can be done with the things usually lying around in your home, hence costs no money. I hope this article helped in providing some ideas that might be useful to you. 

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