Tea Types (Different Teas And Their Benefits)

Different Types Of Tea And Their Benefits:

Benefits Of Herbal Tea

People around the globe enjoy herbal tea. Besides being refreshing and delicious, tea provides an array of health benefits. This has caught the attention of researchers and studies have found that some tea types may help in the management of obesity, Type 2 diabetes mellitus, cancer, and high cholesterol levels. Also, there is butterfly pea tea, blue tea benefits from heart health to common fevers.

There are over 65 varieties of green tea alone, and one pays for quality. The grading of varieties is influenced by the process of selection of the amount of shade the plantations receive.

If a healthy brew is what you’re looking for, there’s a lot more beyond the color green. Think kombucha, chamomile, hibiscus, echinacea, rosehip, and sage. A simple online search is sure to leave you baffled by the sheer variety on offer.

Benefits Of Herbal Tea:

The herbal blends also popularly known as Tisanes or Herbal Teas are crafted by renowned foragers and herb and fruit master blenders. Appropriate for health-conscious tea lovers. It is 100% caffeine-free, functional, and curated to provide holistic wellness. Benefits for both mind and body.

Herbal tea is popular among individuals who want to maintain a naturally healthy lifestyle. Whether you want to warm up during the winter or want to cool down during the summers, herbal tea can be consumed all year round. Relaxation, pain reduction, and improvement of the immune system are a few of the medicinal benefits that one can gain from herbal tea.

1. Helps Unwind:

Tea is a popular choice when it comes to its calming effects. Due to the pressure and stress of every day, we have started taking medicinal supplements to cope.

Instead, one can opt for herbal blends to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy a natural alternative to deal with stress and anxiety.

2. Boosts Your Immune System:

It’s a traditional thing to do – to sip a piping hot cup of tea in cool weather. Tulsi tea is used in Ayurveda to boost the immune system, fight cough and cold and relieve body aches.

Herbal teas with the goodness of natural herbs fight infections as they are rich in vitamins and antioxidants as well as assist in strengthening immunity.

3. Improves Your Digestive System:

Blended herbal teas boost digestion. Herbs assist in gastro issues and aid in indigestion. The warm blend breaks down fat into simple molecules and speeds up the process of digestion. One can have dandelion, chamomile, cinnamon, peppermint and ginger tea to prevent or cure bloating, vomiting and indigestion.

4. Anti-aging:

We drink tea when we wake up, when we’re sick or even when curling up to a good book. A cup of tea is known for its relaxing effects. But, it is also one of the best natural ways to prevent anti-aging. Herbal tea contains a high amount of antioxidants, which helps in delaying the process of aging. In fact, daily consumption of these concoctions can make your skin flawless and healthy too.

5. Reduces Stress And Anxiety:

Whenever we are stressed out, the first thing that comes to our mind is chamomile tea, as this tea helps in soothing the mind by giving it a calm and relaxing effect. It also acts as a mild antidepressant for those who suffer from depression. It stimulates the brain to relieve stress and anxiety.

Herbal Tea Types:

Let’s have a look at the health advantages of the world’s most popular beverage, tea, and tea types.

Modern tea trends include detox, organic, orthodox teas, blends, flavored teas, fitness teas, boba tea, tea smoothies, and tea latte, says international tea brewer Melissa Salazar.

Green Tea | Green Tea For Weight Loss:

Green tea - green tea for weight loss

Studies have observed that among all the tea varieties available in the market, the most significant health benefits have been observed with the consumption of green tea. It is the best tea for weight loss and bloating. It was exported to India from Japan for the first time during the 17th century. Unlike black tea, green tea is less processed, which preserves the polyphenols and their health-promoting properties. Catechins are the compounds present in green tea, which are responsible for the various health advantages.

It is the best tea for weight loss and bloating. It was exported to India from Japan for the first time during the 17th century. Unlike black tea, green tea is less processed, which preserves the polyphenols and their health-promoting properties. Catechins are the compounds present in green tea, which are responsible for the various health advantages.

Green Tea Benefits:

Green tea has the following benefits:

  • Prevention of many types of cancers
  • Blood pressure control
  • Reduced risk of stroke and heart diseases
  • Management of high blood glucose level
  • Weight loss as well as fat loss

Besides this, green tea is effective in treating diarrhea and typhoid. It further possesses anti-viral, anti-fungal and antibacterial activities and it helps in the treatment of peptic ulcers by inhibiting the bacteria, which causes the onset of ulcers.

Chamomile Tea | Stress Relief Tea:

Chamomile tea - stress relief tea

Chamomile tea is one of the world’s most popular herbal tea.

This stress relief tea is an amazing stress reliever and is full of antioxidants that may help in fighting against several diseases. Chamomile tea fights insomnia and induces sedation, a relaxing tea for sleep.

The calming effect of this tea is due to the presence of ‘apigenin’, a compound that binds to the receptors in the brain and promotes sleepiness. Chamomile tea is also helpful in the treatment of common cold symptoms. It treats diarrhea and infant colic disorders.

Oolong Tea | Best Tea For Weight Loss:

oolong tea - Oolong tea improve metabolism

Oolong tea is a traditional Chinese tea and it possesses anti-obesity effects. Studies have found that oolong tea has the ability to reduce body fat as well as body weight by improving fat metabolism. Thus, it is beneficial for weight-watchers.

Besides this, regular consumption of oolong tea is advantageous for individuals with high cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Health-promoting compounds present in oolong tea inhibit the enzyme that causes the storage of fat in the body. Hence, it helps in lowering high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. Hence, oolong tea for weight loss.

So, give your body a boost with tea this monsoon!

Hibiscus Tea:

tea types - hibiscus tea along with hibiscus flower and its dried petals

Hibiscus tea is popular around the world for its effectiveness in lowering high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol levels. Research has observed that anthocyanins, a healthy compound present in hibiscus tea help the arteries and blood vessels to relax, which ensures smooth blood flow all throughout the body. It prevents constriction of the arteries and reduces the risk of heart diseases too. Furthermore, other compounds in hibiscus tea inhibit the enzyme that causes the synthesis of bad cholesterol in the body, thus it also hinders atherosclerosis. Hence, daily consumption of hibiscus tea has a favorable influence on lipid profiles and it also lowers high blood pressure in individuals with moderate hypertension.

Spearmint Tea:

spearmint tea in a cup with spearmint leaves on the side

Spearmint is a member of the peppermint family and it contains various nourishing compounds that keep you fit and healthy. It possesses powerful antibacterial activity, that helps to stave off infections and boosts the immune system. This tea is an excellent remedy for eliminating nausea and an upset stomach. There are also certain foods for upset stomach you can consume besides spearmint tea. Hirsutism or excess facial hair growth in females is a common feature of PCOS. Scientific studies have observed that the intake of spearmint tea twice a day reduces male sex hormones in females with PCOS and reduces hirsutism. Therefore, spearmint tea is a natural and helpful treatment for females with PCOS.

White Tea:

white tea in a white cup

Between the tea types (black and green), white tea is the least processed and abundant with nutrients. This healthy beverage strengthens the immune system and keeps diseases and disorders at bay. It eases the symptoms of illness and speeds up quick recovery. Besides this, white tea promotes healthy hair, skin and strong bones and teeth. This natural tonic reduces stress and anxiety, increases energy levels and keeps you alert. The high antioxidant content of white tea protects the healthy cells of the body against attack by free radicals and suppresses oxidative stress. Hence, it is useful in the management of cancer, where oxidative stress is the culprit.

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