How To Lose Belly Fat (Exercises, Diet And Lifestyle Tips)


how to lose belly fat

One of the significant problems that are faced by thousands is belly fat. People tend to gain weight fast in the abdominal region more quickly, and hence belly fat becomes an increasing problem. According to research, India ranks third, where people suffer from obesity. About 5% of the hugely populated country suffers from obesity. Let’s look into how to lose belly fat in all possible ways, such as exercise, yoga for belly fat loss, diet, and lifestyle changes.

However, with time, technology, and the changing mindset of the people, one has become more aware of fitness and wishes to stay fit, even if one does not have the time to hit the gym regularly, but they have found other ways to burn belly fat.

It has given rise to several fitness apps available on phones, online Zumba classes, etc.

What Exercise Burns Most Belly Fat?

The following exercises are of great help and have shown effective results when coming back to the question of the best ways to burn belly fat. You can also check this yoga for belly fat loss that helps you burn belly fat if you’re a yoga person.


The question may arise: How can move one’s leg help burn belly fat? But in reality, the truth is there is no possible way to reduce belly fat directly.

In the human body, genetics is a critical factor that affects the place of fat accumulation. For some, it may get deposited in the abdominal region, while others can change their thighs. So it is best for someone new to this regime to start moving.


Bicycling is one of the most effective cardio exercises and enjoyable ways to burn belly fat. An average person can burn around 500 calories per day if they do a bicycle for a continuous 30 minutes. Not to forget that with the help of cycling, we can also visit new places in our neighborhood.


If you do not have access to a bicycle, or cannot ride one, do not worry. The bicycle exercise is the solution to your problem.

The bicycle exercise is a part of the cardio workout, making it immensely useful for burning belly fat.

One should lay down on a plane surface with hands behind your head. Bring your knees towards your chest and lift your head and shoulders simultaneously off the ground. Now touch your right elbow to your right knee and right elbow to your left knee. Keep changing sides, just like when you are pedaling a cycle.


The captain’s chair is available mainly in the gyms. You need to stand on the chair and hold the hand bars. Lay down flat on the padded part of the chair with knees to your chest. Then, lower the legs and repeat this exercise 10-12 times. It gives excellent results for burning belly fat.


This exercise includes a lot of muscle strengthening. The vertical leg crunch and the regular crunch exercise are similar, except in the standing leg crunch. The legs have to be kept straight. It increases the intensity of the workout as well as strengthens the abs.

Put your hands behind your head and lie down on a plane surface. Cross your knees and stretch your legs: flex abs to lift your head and shoulders off the floor. Again lay back and keep your legs extended in the air- exhale while doing the flex, inhale while you lay back. This exercise will make your leg muscles stronger and help you burn belly fat. 

Lifestyles Tips To Reduce Belly Fat:

In today’s fast-paced life, people have gotten into eating junk. Be it on the weekends with friends and family, to canteen food served in working spaces or educational institutes; leave aside fancy parties and big fat weddings here and there. 

It has resulted in obesity among the youth and digestive problems, and fragile immune systems. In this background, people have fallen back to exercise, which helps reduce weight, fat, or even staying fit as far as possible during stressful lives.

However, living a healthy lifestyle is becoming difficult and expensive to maintain. Thanks to the less of home-cooked meals tradition, and ordering in instead. 

  • One should remember to stay hydrated to keep their muscles lean and almost eight glasses of water per day are essential for an adult body.

To see promising results in burning belly fat, one can intake water infused with lemon juice or mix cucumber, lemon juice, and mint. Check out the infused water benefits and some delicious recipes.

  • To maintain a healthy regime, to better control cardio-activity and burning of belly fat, try walking for thirty minutes every day.
  • However, along with the exercises, one must maintain a healthy diet to see more effective results. The intake of laden drinks and food, which are heavy on fat and sugar, will only keep increasing the belly fat and ruin all your efforts during those exercises.
  • Taking a lot of stress and a dehydrated body has enough potential to make one fat, but a healthy diet and a well-balanced routine can effectively lose belly fat. 

Top 5 foods that help burn belly fat?

Eating healthy is one of the easiest yet most effective ways to stay fit and burn fat. However, in the case of belly fats, there are several food items that one can include in their diet to get an adequate amount of energy and lose the desired amount of unwanted calories. Some of the things are:

  1. Replace your usual tea with a warm cup of sugar-free green tea. Here are some more healthy substitutes for your normal diet.
  2. Eating less or skipping meals will not help you; instead, try to keep your stomach full with small portions. Oatmeal is an excellent option in this case.
  3. Include leafy vegetables in your diet, such as lettuce, spinach, celery.
  4. Do not indulge in eating junk, oily food instead of snacking on protein bars, nuts, almonds, or even blueberries.
  5. For all the non-vegetarian people, salmon fish is an excellent option, along with light chicken stew or a healthy sandwich.

How does walking or running help in reducing belly fat?

 As we walk or move around, the fat in our body starts to burn, resulting in a decreased belly fat percentage. It helps reduce fat from various parts of the body.

2. How fast can one burn belly fat?

Though it varies from person to person, on average, to get rid of 1 pound a week, one has to eliminate 500 calories from their respective diets. Following this pace, one can get rid of 4 pounds of fat in a month; however, it depends on various other factors (this is just an estimate).

3. What is the other name for belly fat?

Panniculus is the medical term for fat, a thick layer of fat tissue cells consisting of lipids and proteins accumulated in the abdominal region over time. Some may also refer to belly fat as visceral fat.

4. How can one shed their deep belly fat?

Aerobic exercises are a healthy way of reducing deep belly fat. A few examples of aerobic exercises include brisk walking, running, or jogging for at least four to five hours per week.

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